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High Resolution Specialty Printing

NGS Printing opened its doors over 50 years ago producing membrane switch covers and specialty marquees out of a small shop in Schaumburg Illinois. Today, as a much larger operation, NGS has invested in the latest technologies in digital printing, screen printing and finishing equipment to stay on the leading edge of the printing industry. NGS is capable of producing jobs that the previous generation couldn’t.

Today NGS Can:

  • Print directly onto unusual materials like: wood, glass, mirror, metals, acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, cardboard, etc.
  • Digitally print on rigid materials up to 2” thick and screen-print on thicknesses up to 5/8”.
  • Use unusual inks such as fluorescent, glitter, dead opaque, thermoform, and metallic colors.
  • Add specialty overcoats like dry erase, clear gloss, matte finishes, or even scratch off coatings.
  • Screen-print custom adhesives for perfect placement on your parts.
  • Finish your parts with a bull nose or chamfer edges or add countersunk holes.

We embrace a challenge because those special projects are opportunities to teach ourselves and help us embrace the next challenge.

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