Social Distancing Signage

Social distancing has forced public spaces to rethink their workflows and layout to limit congestion and keep people safe. Signage helps serve the general public by offering reminders, policy information, and best practices and is a helpful aid in instructing and reminding people to keep a safe distance during these times. Effective types of social distancing signage includes floor graphics and decals, as well as window, yard and hanging signage.

Floor Graphics for Social Distancing

Floor graphics are a non-intrusive social distancing signage solution that reminds people to maintain an acceptable 6-foot social distance in high congregation areas like store checkout lines.

The materials and adhesives that are used to construct the floor graphics depend on how the graphic will be applied as well as the surface material being adhered to. For example, a floor graphic being placed on level hard flooring made of VCT tile or polished concrete requires a different construction than one made for a carpet, sidewalk, or a ceramic tile with deep grout lines. While a floor graphic made with the wrong materials and adhesives may stick initially, it may yield inferior results in terms of durability, adhesion, removability, or look.

Once the proper materials and adhesives are chosen, it’s important to consider clear protective over-laminates for your floor graphics. These can help provide walk-on durability or add traction to prevent slipping.

Common Uses for Social Distancing Floor Graphics

  • Six-foot Social Distancing Indicators & Spacing Suggestions – The general rule for social distancing is to stand at least 6 feet apart. In places like grocery and retail stores where the norm is to stand closer together, many people may momentarily forget to keep their distance from others, especially while waiting in line. Additionally, many may also have a difficult time estimating how far six feet actually is. When people fail to avoid crowding, simple floor graphics can be a great indicator of where to stand.
  • Directing Traffic – Floor graphics can be die-cut to custom shapes like arrows to assist in directing traffic flow without the need of a display fixture. These floor graphics can help create one-way store aisles, indicate which way a line to the register leads, and more.

Social Distancing Window Signage

For decades, window signage was a marketing tool used to draw people into a store to shop, showcasing sales, new arrivals, and more. Now, in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic window signage increasingly used to share health and safety-related policies for store patrons to read before entering.

Window signage can come in many forms, ranging from die-cut decals and static clings to see-thru, one-way vision graphics. What’s more, these decals can also work on bathroom mirrors as well as windows!

Common Window Signage Uses for Social Distancing

  • Face Mask Reminder – With many local and state laws requiring masks to be worn in public spaces, signage prior to entry is an ideal time to remind your customers that they must wear a mask inside your establishment. If applicable, posting notices of mandatory temperature checks or hand sanitizer use is also helpful to customers.
  • Phone number – Restaurants and retailers that offer in store or curbside pickup should offer easy access to their phone number to call on the front window next to the entryway.
  • Hours of Operation – With so many companies changing their hours, temporarily closing, or reopening; window graphics that indicator whether you are currently opened or closed, as well as a graphic stating your weekly store hours, is a great tool to keep customers in the loop.
  • Social Distancing Procedures – With COVID-19, many companies are changing the way they run. For example, service companies, such as veterinarian offices, may ask that customers wait inside of their vehicle instead of congregating in a waiting room during the duration of the service. These changes in procedure should be posted on their front door.
  • Instructions on Customer Entry / Exit Flow – Clearly specifying enter and exit points on windows or doors that can be seen from a parking lot can help promote social distancing.

Yard Signage for Social Distancing

A plastic yard sign is extremely cost effective, as well as outdoor rated, lightweight, rigid, and durable. The absence of filler allows this extruded plastic to be inexpensive to manufacture and is why it is a go-to for temporary outdoor signage. Our yard signs are made with fluted polypropylene (commonly referred to as Coroplast®), which has a similar side profile to cardboard and is extruded with flutes for rigidity and strength.

Yard signage is similar to window signage in regards to how it can be used for social distancing purposes.

Common Yard signage Uses for Social Distancing

  • Phone number – Restaurants and retailers that offer instore pickup or car delivery should offer easy access to their phone number to call.
  • Hours of Operation – With so many companies changing their hours, temporarily closing, or reopening; yard signs are a great tool to show whether you are open or closed from a parking lot. A sign that indicates that you are currently open keeps customers informed and encourages them to visit your establishment.
  • Social Distancing Procedures – Service companies that ask customers wait in their vehicle instead of congregating in a waiting room should post their procedure not only on the front door, but on social distancing signage located in the parking lot area.

Social Distancing Hanging Signage

When an important message needs to be conveyed, using a hanging sign is one of the most effective ways to get customers to notice that message. Hanging sign materials are generally light weight, rigid, and are not made of materials that can easily warp (paper-based products).

Double-sided printed signage is important to purchase with light block-out opacity to avoid seeing the backside image from the front side when hung near a light source.

Hanging social distancing signage can include 6-feet distance reminders, reminders of mask requirements, and more.

Social Distancing Decals

A decal is an adhesive-backed thin plastic film that is used for signage and graphics. Decals are a generic term for many types of signage including floor graphics and window signage. Decals can be manufactured with custom adhesives, so you you can mount them to nearly anything ranging from wet surfaces to fabrics. They can also be designed for easy removal.

In today’s COVID era, decals are the signage type of choice for installing reminders in places where other types of signage is not quite suitable.

Common Decal Uses for Social Distancing

  • Blocking seating – Installing decals on seats that indicate whether or not to sit in them can help maintain social distancing in large sitting areas like dining rooms, airports, arenas, or theaters.
  • Bathrooms – Installing decals inside of crowded bathroom sinks or urinals to indicate whether or not specific stalls or sinks can be used can help maintain social distance. For example, a decal that says “Not In Use” can be placed on every other sink to encourage social distancing between sinks while people wash their hands.
  • Carpet – With special adhesives for carpet applications, floor graphics can be installed for directing customer traffic or to maintain distance between customers.
  • Enter / Exit Signage – Applying decals on storefront doors that clearly identify exit and entry points can prevent patrons from crossing paths.
  • Fast casual dining – Decals can be designed to adhere to table tops. These decals are easy for customers to notice and can block particular tables from use.
  • Sidewalk signage – For outside areas where lines or crowds tend to develop and where other signage methods aren’t ideal, concrete signage can help maintain social distancing.

As today’s social distancing requirements change, NGS Printing will remain a leader in producing the highest quality social distancing signage products in the market. Reach out to NGS Printing for a quote on your next project.

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