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High Resolution Retail Graphics

NGS Printing is your trusted source for ultra-high resolution retail sign printing. We understand that creating a welcoming, engaging, and attractive shopping experience are important factors in retail marketing. That’s why our focus is to make sure your graphics look as good as you imagined!

When you choose NGS Printing as your retail signage partner, your investing in a reliable vendor that generates the market’s best eye-catching signage in time for your store promotion. Our wide format screen printing capabilities and ultra-high quality digital printing presses mean we have the flexibility and the capacity needed to meet accelerated schedules.

Just one call to NGS will take care of your entire project from concept through fulfillment. At NGS you can expect:

  • One point of contact throughout your project.
  • The latest equipment and technology to enable faster turnaround times and industry leading quality graphics.
  • Wide format digital printing and screen printing capabilities.
  • Qualified G7 Master Printer and expertise.
  • Digital color calibration and ongoing quality testing.
  • A full line of fulfillment services.

Retail Signage Benefits

  • Economical and long-lasting
  • Interchangeable to coincide with new products, sales, or specials
  • Versatile material options, styles, and sizes
  • Multiple color options
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising

Count on NGS Printing for helping creating the retail signage you need to get your message across!

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Our dedication and attention to detail starts with our single point of contact customer service.

From the very beginning to the very end of any project, we believe that having a single point of contact is key to providing a great customer experience. At NGS Printing you won’t be passed along to project managers or assistants because details, context, and project objectives get lost in translation all too often. At NGS, project managers, production staff, and estimators work for your sales representative who always has your best interest in mind and their heart in your project.  This ensures details aren’t missed and reduces errors.

We understand that increasing capacity will result in fast turnaround times and ability to handle large or small jobs.

NGS Printing has invested millions of dollars on equipment this past year to increase capacity and meet the demands of the Retail Signage market. NGS has continued to purchase market leading digital printing presses in the Inca Onset X and digital finishing equipment in the Zund D3 which will help meet your most stringent needs.

NGS Printing has been a qualified G7 master facility since 2009 and was industries first qualified facility in both screen printing and digital printing.  

Qualified G7 Master Printers by Idealliance are proven experts in matching proof-to-print, and are proven to maintain the highest levels of quality based on global standards.  This means that Qualified G7 Master Printers like NGS Printing can improve brand image, reduce costs and increase speed to market.  However, not all Qualified G7 Masters are the same as there are 3 different qualifications (Grayscale, Targeted, Colorspace).

  • G7 Grayscale – G7 Grayscale Qualification is the easiest to obtain with the goal of printing a neutral color curve.  This qualification requires the K + CMY to align with the G7 color curves as well as grey balanced.

  • G7 Targeted – G7 Targeted Qualification is the following qualification achieved after becoming G7 Grayscale Qualified.  G7 Targeted qualification looks beyond grayscale and focus on measuring substrate white points, as well as primary and secondary colors to ensure the strongest colors colors can be hit with greater reliability.

  • G7 Colorspace – G7 Colorspace Qualification is the most stringent of the qualifications and embodies all the requirements of G7 Grayscale and G7 Targeted in addition to matching an entire reference print condition.  G7 Colorspace Qualification requires extremely tight tolerances across the entire color space and is measured by comparing all 1617 color squares from IT8.7/4 target and then measured the deviation.  Obtaining G7 Colorspace Qualification proves that the printer can maintain very tight color tolerances and repeat-ability across the entire color space as well as the requirements of the other 2 qualifications.

At NGS Printing, we are one of a select few Qualified G7 Master facilities in Colorspace.  This qualification is proof that we don’t just say we print quality products.  We strive for perfect color management and quality control throughout our process from Pre-Press to Shipping. Our production process undergoes constant quality checks using digital color calibration tests, and proof and press check comparisons to assure customer requirements and our standards are met throughout the project.



Whether the job needs to pack, assemble, tape, bag, sort, mount, or count we know that with tight deadlines and national distribution needs, fulfilling the job is sometimes the larger undertaking. NGS Printing can handle the most complex of fulfillment needs and still meet your shipping dates.