NGS Printing’s full in-house prepress department formats client provided artwork to become production ready. Our expert staff consistently uses the tools and procedures that made NGS Printing the first Qualified G7 Master printer in the world in both digital printing and screen printing. In addition, our prepress department offers several other value added services.

Color Proofs
Color proofs are necessary for all screen printing jobs because it provides a target and lets us watch for changes during the production run. Our standard procedure is to have a client approved color proof for every screen print job. We offer to print screened proofs and send for approval if one can’t be provided. Our screened proofs will show the tiny dot pattern details that will be seen in production from the screen mesh.

Color Matching
NGS understands the importance of getting the color right. We offer matching to a custom logo, Pantone color, or 4-color process image by way of screen or digital printing.

Material Profiling
Substrate color, white point, adhesion properties, screen mesh, resolution, and ink formulation all play a role in setting a particular material profile. NGS profiles your custom materials so that optimum color and printability are always achieved.

During prepress, NGS will setup all job layouts to reduce waste and improve production throughput. The solution to an optimal layout is sometimes adding another form instead of over producing parts.

Artwork Quality Control
Our prepress department reviews and ‘cleans up’ client supplied artwork for production. This includes connecting complete paths, trapping colors, smoothing unnecessary paths, adding bleed, applying color corrections, and making client updated changes.

Cutting Die Lines
Adding or modifying die lines for router or die cutting is common with display graphics. Our prepress department can modify your die line to fit your display perfectly.

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