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A point of purchase, or P.O.P. display is a type of marketing material placed in close proximity to the product it is advertising to help inform and sell the product. As with all kinds of graphic displays, POP signage is created to grab a consumer’s attention. While consumers may be tempted to purchase a product through a television commercial, advertisement, or personal recommendation; a point-of-purchase display is the final attempt to have the product noticed and placed into the consumer’s shopping cart.  The goal is to prompt an immediate, snap judgment decision from the shopper.

This means that POP display graphics often feature the brand logo, simple and easy to read text   or vibrant images to capture consumer interest. POP displays are intended to sell the product as well as set it apart from other items within a retail space.Common POP display locations are:

  • Entrance: Owners can place a POP display graphic immediately at the entrance of the store. This will maximize consumer attention and is a great way to highlight promotions and sales.
  • End of an aisle: Commonly referred to as end cap displays, POP displays at the end of an aisle receive more attention and more foot traffic than other areas throughout the store which make these locations very important to capitalize on.  
  • Checkout counters: Retailers who have a small, inexpensive, and impulsive new product to offer can capitalize on the consumers waiting in the checkout lines.  This prime shelf real estate can be leveraged further with exciting packaging design and a well designed point of purchase display graphic. This area is guaranteed to see high foot traffic. In addition, the limited space between the display and the register leaves little time for the consumer to reverse the purchasing decision.
  • Above the cash register: This is often the case in fast food restaurants. While the menu will contain basic information for every item, select products with higher profit margins, or new product offerings will be highlighted with a colorful image, translating to better sales.
  • Foot traffic junctions: POP displays are best suited anywhere in a location where foot traffic is higher than normal. As most retail stores feature directional pathing, owners have plenty of opportunities to surprise consumers with great products and deals.

Retailers should have a store plan to ensure the environment is executed correctly and the graphics fit their vision.  There are a variety of point of purchase signage solutions for retail and depend on cost, size, application and finished execution.  Some of these P.O.P. graphics include the following: Choosing the right type of point of purchase signage for the store is completely dependent on

  • End cap graphics
  • Aisle markers
  • Header graphics
  • Translite graphics
  • Magnetic graphics
  • Shelf talkers
  • Styrene signs
  • Aisle violators
  • Standees
  • Printed panels
  • Coroplast signs
  • Counter cards
  • Floor graphics

The NGS Advantage
As a Qualified G7 Master Facility, NGS Printing creates only premier quality signage with the latest printing technology. While we don’t design or build displays, NGS partners with retailers, brands, and display manufacturers to help make their visual graphics stand out from the rest.   NGS Printing continually upgrades its equipment, invests in it’s people, and optimizes it’s processes to ensure we meet the growing demands of our industry. In addition to top-of-the-line printing services, NGS Printing also offers:

  • Router cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Fulfillment
  • Heat bending
  • Laminating
  • Project Management
  • Light Assembly

Every day NGS Printing is working to create only the most dramatic, eye-catching display graphics possible. Bringing over 60 years of experience, NGS Printing is ready to help with all of your POP display printing needs today!

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