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Outdoor signs can take a beating over time and no graphic has a bigger impact on your business than what is displayed outside drawing people in. NGS Printing is your ideal partner for large outdoor signage projects because we print with outdoor rated ink formulations designed to protect your graphics from the elements of UV light, weather, and abrasion.

While all of NGS’s products are printed with outdoor rated inks, it is important to let NGS know when your application needs long lasting outdoor durability so that NGS can make recommendations to meet your goals. Recommendations may include screen printing the job with special ink formulations, adding a UV ink clear coat, applying a protective over-laminate, or changing the substrate.

NGS prints directly onto the surface of all the commonly used outdoor rated materials ranging from corrugated plastics (Coroplast), pressure sensitive vinyl, expanded PVC (Sintra, Komatex), rigid vinyls, banners, magnetic materials, and smooth metals.

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