Order Fulfillment

At NGS Printing, we offer kit packing, order fulfillment, and distribution solutions for our clients who desire to keep the project under one roof or need an expedited shipping schedule. With NGS, you can rest assured that the details are covered and your project will ship on time.

If your project requires kit packing, NGS has the capabilities, tools, and personnel to make sure your cartons are packed accurately and securely. NGS offers:

  • Custom carton design
  • Custom labeling
  • In-house assembly
  • Hardware procurement
  • Project management
  • Kit packing
  • Regular QC inspections throughout the process
  • National distribution methods: UPS, FedeX, DHL, FTL, or LTL

Fulfillment Offerings

NGS Printing provides order fulfillment that cuts costs and improves efficiency. Some of our order fulfillment offerings include:

  • Kit packing: By pre-assembling individual items into ready-to-ship kits rather than packaging individual items as they come in bulk, you’ll lower your shipping costs significantly.
  • Separate Boxing: We offer separate boxing for multiple packages in order to make it more convenient for your downstream processes.
  • Shipping: To make it easier, we use national distribution methods such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, FTL, and LTL mean to ship your orders directly to your destination. That way, you can finish the entire process with just us, making it more efficient and simple. What’s more, our shipping is reliable, so it will always get to where it needs to be on time.

There are several advantages to have NGS kit pack and ship your projects

  • Save freight costs: Instead of having NGS print your graphics and ship them bulk to be kit packed elsewhere, NGS can save you money by keeping them internally to pack.
  • Save time: Shipping the bulk graphics to a fulfillment facility takes time and can add days depending on the distance. If NGS handles the kit packing, we can begin packing as early as the first part is finished cutting. There is no lost time in shipping or waiting to complete the entire project.
  • Save on communication: Since NGS is already handling the printing aspects of the project and understands many details of your project, there is less communication and explaining required to get your project packed and shipped.
  • Save on errors: Kit packing your project at NGS minimizes your vendors, shipping damage, paperwork, counts, communication, and increases accountability.


To aid our client’s needs who may need a little extra help with getting their graphic properly prepped for installation upon delivery, we offer in-house light assembly services. In addition to shipping our graphics in bulk on skids or pre-packaged in boxes and drop-shipped, we have personnel who specialize in adding some extras to your graphics. Some of these light-assembly extras include:

  • Applying double stick tape
  • Mounting customer-supplied brackets
  • Mounting hardware
  • Applying magnets
  • Poly bagging individually or in sets
  • Shrinkwrapping and bundling
  • Counting and separating in sets
  • Boxing in sets
  • Applying labels
  • Adding Velcro on the back
  • And More!

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