Post Press Lamination Services

Every printing job goes through multiple manufacturing processes until the order is delivered. While many may think that the job is complete once printed, but there are still options of cutting, folding, laminating, assembling, packing and shipping. All of these print processes are better known as post-press.

There are many kinds of post-press services we offer, and lamination is among the most commonly required by our clients. It’s a practice that improves durability, prevents slips, adds functionality, and changes the finished look.


Lamination is a term for a manufacturing process used to permanently marry two web-based materials together for the purpose of adding characteristics to the final product. The purpose of adding the two materials together can be for adding durability, appearance, thickness, texture, or function. There are many lamination techniques and among the most common in graphics are hot-lamination, cold-lamination, and liquid-lamination.

At NGS Printing, we exclusively specialize and offer cold-lamination services which uses an adhesive glue between the two materials to bond and fuse them together. Using adhesive glue as a bonding tool method makes cold-lamination the most versatile lamination method and compatible with the widest range of materials.

The process of cold-lamination starts with a base material and a separate adhesive-backed thin laminate film in web form. In simple terms, a cold-laminator is composed of (2) large rolls that squeeze together and rotate to pull and fuse the two materials as they pass through. The adhesive of the film bonds to the base material holding the two together permanently.

Laminating a specially sourced clear film as a great way to pro-long the life of your printed graphics, because it can protect the print from tears, liquids, debris, UV light, and vandalism. NGS Printing uses lamination processes to apply a variety of clear films, adhesive glues, protective liners, application tapes, premask, and texture to printed or un-printed base materials. In addition, the lamination process can be used to add a variety of lesser-known benefits to printed or un-printed materials

  • Modify graphic finish to luster, gloss, and matte.
  • Increase thickness or rigidity.
  • Dry-erase functionality.
  • White backing to back up second surface prints without the need to print white.
  • Block-out to prevent light passing through 2-sided graphics.
  • Improve scratch and damage resistance for graphics prone to substantial wear or abrasion.
  • Add Special textures for floor graphics that prevents slipping.
  • Pre-mask die cut decal graphics for easy installation and handling.
  • UV inhibitors to slow down the fading caused by UV light.
  • Protective liners for shipping, manufacturing, handling processes.
  • Special effects such as mirror, hologram, glitter, and so on
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Permanent or Removable adhesives on graphic backsides for mounting / installation

Below you will find more details about the different types of cold-lamination services NGS Printing offers and why laminating may be a fit for your next project.

Film Laminate

An extra layer of laminate can be added to any kind of printed material including wide-format graphics, decals, posters, overlays, see-thru window signs, window graphics, and more. The standard laminating film is pressed onto the print, forcing the adhesive to “wet-out” against the print. . The thickness can be between 1.5 to 10mil. The thickness and material type also determines the rigidity of the graphic.

Adhesive on Back

NGS Printing is also capable of applying adhesive to the back of paper and plastic parts using adhesive laminates. Adding permanent or removable adhesives is a common practice for point of purchase display graphic panels or overlays. Adding an adhesive backside essentially turns any graphic sign into a decal that can be installed nearly anywhere. That makes this type of lamination ideal for signs, advertisements, safety guidelines, machine labels, overlays, pop graphics, posters, and much more.


Clear protective laminates provide an extra layer of durable protection that will make your posters, signage, and other prints stay looking new and fresh for much longer. The extra layer makes the graphic have a beautiful finish and protects the print from scratches and damage.

Furthermore, clear textured laminates are frequently added to graphics to make them slip resistant and perfect for floor decals. Alternatively, some film laminates sole purpose is to add a special high-glossy, matte, or luster finish to your graphics. Lamination also offers UV protection, which means that your prints won’t lose color quickly after prolonged sun exposure.

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