Large Format Digital Printing

NGS’s wide-format digital printing services combine the quality you need with the capacity to get the job done quickly. Also called flatbed digital printing or UV sheet digital printing, using an inkjet array and color correction technology, we are able to print high-quality images using 4 color process inks, with the addition of light cyan, light magenta for an expanded color gamut, and available white onto a range of plastic or paper substrates.


We believe that quality comes first. To that end, we have invested in the industry’s most productive wide-format, high-quality printers:

  • Inca Onset X with ABB robot automation. Capable of printing at unbelievable speeds (7500 ft² per hour) to help meet your deadlines.
  • Fuji Acuity F press that prints with an even smaller 6-picoliter droplet size. This machine can print at 1668 ft² per hour and also has white ink!

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with production machines. NGS Printing is a Qualified G7 Master Printer in COLORSPACE, which means we are one of the few proven printing companies with proof-to-print and color quality expertise.  These qualifications help brands and retailers find print vendors who have demonstrated they can measure and achieve precise repeatability and the expertise to achieve their color targets.  

The Inkjet Digital Printing solutions we provide are a cost-effective method of printing all types of flexible and rigid materials.  As technology has improved, NGS has invested in some of the most state-of-the-art digital inkjet printing equipment that provides industry-leading quality and speed for large format projects. We can help you print pieces that will engage customers and grow your retail chain business.

Our team of designers will do everything in their power to offer you the best combination of quality, price, and speed on high-quality materials. Our large format printing solutions include:

  • Window graphics (static clings, one-way vision, decals)
  • Point of Purchase display graphics (headers, endcap signage, styrene panels)
  • Shelf talkers (shelf strips, wobblers)
  • Outdoor signage (yard signs, pole signs, concrete sidewalk graphics)
  • Hanging signage (vinyl banners, posters, aisle markers)

While NGS Printing doesn’t offer artistic design services, we do specialize in quality printing output.  Our efforts can be seen in all of our projects since we have an expanded color gamut of 4 color process + light cyan + light magenta.  This allows us to achieve better flesh tones and smoother transitions in light ink coverage areas.  Additionally, we are set up to print on a wide range of plastics from thin flexible PVC to thick rigid acrylics.  . We can also include a special protective coating or lamination.

Why Choose Inkjet Digital Printing?

Digital printing has been around for almost 30 years and today is a modern printing method that’s usually compared to traditional offset printing as it’s used mostly for the same applications but in crude explanation form inkjet printing is the process of dropping microscopic ink droplets of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow or black in perfect timing and placement on the material.  These colors dropped in particular amounts can cumulatively create images.  Unlike traditional methods, all inkjet digital printing preparations are done on a computer. After the designs are completed, they are sent through a RIP program that translates the design into code that the printer understands and can understand what inks to drop where on the sheet. 

Digital inkjet printing uses precision engineering to execute and new and faster processes are constantly developing.  Recent developments allow for white color printing, clear finishes, expanded color gamut, new materials to print to, less costly inks, faster cure times, and faster printing speeds.  

Inkjet digital printing is very versatile and is becoming more competitive across all print industries as time passes.  At NGS Printing, we use our digital printing equipment on projects as wide as 63” x 126” but also on small format projects also.  It is a great compliment to our screen-printing equipment where they can uniquely print spot and white colors effectively.  Furthermore, digital printing is capable of large formats without losing any image quality or details. All prints between 18” and 120” are considered large format, while those bigger than 120” are called grand format.

Here at NGS Printing, we use industry-leading UV flat-bed inkjet digital printers, along with other machines that allow routing, laminating, and screenprinting UV curing. We offer only high-quality prints and specialize in large-format printing. If you need a banner, sign, or graphic vinyl, contact us and we will get the job done right.

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