A key element to success in campaigns is recognition. Your target demographic sees thousands of things over the course of a day, so you need something snappy and attractive to catch their eye.

Campaign yard signs can help in this regard by putting your name, movement or grassroots effort on the map. Through vivid colors and bold lettering, NGS Printing has the equipment, resources and material that can help you make a visually stimulating statement to connect with your target audience. Whether it’s walkers, joggers or drivers motoring on by, those momentary glances at campaign road signs can prompt them to learn more by visiting your website, social media page or even volunteering to further promote your cause or distribute campaign yard signs.

In short, if you have a slogan or brand to promote, we can print those onto an outdoor campaign sign so they resonate visually.

For your campaign to be successful, it isn’t just what you say that’s important but how you say it. The same can be said for your campaign yard signage. Here are some of the most common materials and products we use to help your campaign road signs and slogans stand out from the crowd.

Corrugated plastic

Made from polypropylene, corrugated plastic is similar to cardboard, in that it is separated with perpendicular interior flutes between printable boards. This fluted corrugated plastic is popular because it is the most economical rigid material designed for outdoor use. What makes it effective and long-lasting is its plastic substrate – polypropylene, otherwise known as Coroplast®. This gives corrugated plastic greater resistance to the effects of weather and durability, making it an ideal material to use for long-lasting campaigns that may be months removed from when voters actually go to the polls. Plus, because Coroplast is double-sided, you can get the most out of them by saying different things whether your audience is coming or going. NGS Printing can also print in large formats, in sizes up to 126″ x 63″. Printing in large format helps reduce production costs, which is why you’ll find us a competitive option for your next screen-printed or digitally printed campaign yard sign project.

Scrim vinyl

When you’re looking for a large, inexpensive sign that can be rolled, reused and hung, then printing on banners is a great choice. That’s where scrim vinyl can help, as it offers more space to print. Polyethylene-based and reinforced with polyester cording, scrim vinyl provides the durability outdoor banners need to withstand wind, rain, cold and other forms of weather. Scrim vinyl is designed with fibers woven into the printable vinyl which reinforces the substrate, helping prevent tearing. Banners used for campaign signage purposes can also be manufactured with scrim-less vinyl, which is composed of a tensile material that makes lettering look cleaner. However, these banners are best displayed in indoor locations because the fabric that enhances its resistance to weather is removed.

Adhesive-backed vinyl

You see them everywhere during political campaigns: decals, or stickers that can attach to bumpers of cars, storefront windows and just about any other flat surface. Typically made from PVC vinyl, decals offer widespread versatility and can be made with a permanent or temporary adhesive for removability in mind once the ballots are cast.  Decals are among the most economical giveaway to offer supporters of your initiative.

Wire stake signs

When you first think of campaign signs, these are the ones that probably spring to mind. Affixed to the flutes between the Coroplast sides, wire stakes are inserted into the ground so that they’re anchored and capable of standing freely.

Wire stakes can come in different styles. As their title implies, H-stakes look like the letter H. They’re also called step stakes because they allow you to step on the middle bar for easier insertion into the ground and simple removal.

Depending on how many people you intend to reach, NGS can include wire stakes with any fluted corrugated plastic order we ship so you can focus on canvasing the area more effectively and increasing name recognition. We maintain a large packing and fulfillment department and can not only break up your order, but ship it to multiple locations, if need be.

High-quality printing for optimum viewing

It isn’t just your message or what your message is printed on that is important to campaign yard signs. It’s also the equipment that actually prints the campaign graphics. At NGS, we offer digital printing and screen printing among our services, but for yard signs, screen printing is your best option. That’s because this method combines versatility with speed, so we can print at high volume so you can distribute, deliver and install the signs in a timely manner. We have multiple 6-color and single-color screen printing machines for printing custom spot color and heavy ink coats. Plus, because screen printing is more cost-efficient, we pass on the savings to you.

Advanced protection for repeated use

Perhaps you’re someone who’s already in office and is looking for re-election. The campaign signs from the last time you were on the ballot may say everything you wanted them to. At NGS, our campaign signs are made to last. We use high-quality, ultraviolet (UV) inks with both our digitally printed or screen-printed jobs. If you’re looking for long-term signage, we can print on different material types. We can also apply protective over-laminates. This not only shields signs from the elements, but helps preserve the inks so that signage remains vivid and sharp even if they’re out in the sun.

Top-of-the-line equipment

Campaigns are all about promises. We may not be able to promise you’ll win your campaign, but what we can assure is that we maintain state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best color, images and cost savings. We like to say that we live on the bleeding edge of technology and we will leverage the very best equipment so we can deliver the images and messages you want. Screen printing is what’s typical for campaign signage, but if digital is more appropriate, we’ll recommend it.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to campaign signage. But trust us when we say we go above and beyond the ink to craft the yard signs that can help you blaze a trail on a hard-fought campaign. We’ve been doing this for more than 60 years and we plan on being here for 60 more. Contact us and let’s help you get the signage portion of your campaign on the road!

NGS Printing is a G7 Master Colorspace Idealliance Qualified Facility

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