Yard Signs

Yard signs (a.k.a. Coroplast) are common, versatile forms of outdoor signage routinely found across the United States.  Used by both businesses and consumers, yard signs are typically made from durable Polypropylene fluted corrugated plastic and can feature one-sided or two-sided imagery. Common methods to display yard signs include using metal ground H-stakes, T-stakes, a wire frame, or using zip-ties to secure the sign to a pole or fixture. Yard signs can be used for:

  • Political campaigns: Perfect signage for showing political support at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Store openings: Let your customers know that you’re now open for business with signage that can easily be read from the road.  
  • Sale announcements: Signal that a popular item is half-off in a way consumers can’t help but notice.
  • Charity announcements: Spread awareness for a new charity drive or event within the local community.
  • Event signage: Alert passersby of imminent events or festivities, thus driving a higher turnout.
  • New product announcements: Announce the arrival of new products to excite your shoppers. Perfect for driving holiday sales.
  • Real estate sales: Let potential buyers immediately know which homes are on the market.
  • General promotion: Whatever you need to tell the world, yard sign customization options are tailored to suit practically every conceivable need.

Economic, robust and flexible

Yard signs are popular graphic display for three main reasons.

  1. Plastic Corrugated (Coroplast) is  among the most economical rigid substrate options available.   Coroplast has 2 sides of polyproylene printable surfaces with flutes similar to cardboard that separate the two.  This construction keeps the material light and inexpensive.
  2. While yard signs will eventually break down in the elements, they are hardy enough to withstand weeks or even months of outdoor exposure. This represents an affordable alternative for businesses trying to promote products to passing customers. Simply plant the sign firmly and then move on to other operations, safe in the knowledge that it will survive rain or snow.
  3. Yard signs made of corrugated plastic like Coroplast have flutes running the length of the part between the front and back surfaces for adding rigidity.  These flutes have the additional perk of being able to slide H-Stakes or Step Stakes inside and secure the sign into the ground to make it self standing. This fluted advantage along with the low cost of the material and outdoor resistance make it the perfect yard sign choice.  

Lawn signs are a frequent fixture of the rural community precisely because they are visually appealing, easily obtainable and perfect for a wide variety of objectives.

Why NGS Printing?

Consider NGS Printing for your next yard sign initiative. Our services offer capacity and the wide format screen printing equipment required to reliably produce high-quality signage at competitive prices and with quick turnaround – getting you the right sign fast. NGS Printing can also supply compatible step stakes for your application.  Yard signs can be shipped anywhere within the U.S., stakes included – making NGS Printing an ideal partner for local campaigns and national projects.

NGS Printing has decades of experience, with staff trained in the art of under-promising and over-delivering on products. Our staff is devoted to print creation and we provide the premier hardware to deliver consistent, high-quality creations in a timely manner. Contact NGS Printing today for your yard sign and other graphic display needs.

Constructed most commonly using:   Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast)

Yard signs are also known as:   Lawn Sign, Step stake graphic

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