Make the Most of Your Messaging with Yard Signs

Yard signs are signage displays placed on lawns that businesses can use to temporarily advertise their offerings and attract new and existing customers.

Whatever the purpose – whether it’s a new location or an upcoming event or promotion – your company might need to communicate to consumers, high-quality custom printed yard sign graphics from NGS Printing are the perfect way to broadcast it loud and clear. These NGS products represent some of the most cost-effective types of rigid signage available on the market.

Maintaining visibility despite the elements
Yard signs are the ideal short-term signage product whether the “short term” in your situation is several days, a few months or somewhere in between. At NGS Printing we fabricate our lawn signs using quality UV inks digitally printed and screen printed on sturdy, polypropylene-based fluted plastic called Coroplast®.  Our yard signs are weather resistant and are a great solution for applications that need to last through the barrages that rain, snow, sleet or hail have to offer, for as long as you need your short-term message to remain on display. This durable corrugated plastic is constructed of two sides of polypropylene printable surfaces and flutes running perpendicular connecting them, which keeps costs down and ensures the sign remains lightweight and rigid.

The flutes between both Coroplast® sides of our custom yard signs are easily affixed to wire stakes (either H-Stakes, T-Stakes or Step Stakes), allowing for simple and quick installation – inserted directly into the surface of the ground outside of your business to stand freely and securely.  If desired, NGS can pack these add-ons to your order, either individually or in bulk, for all of your yard-sign needs.

Yard signs can be printed single sided or double sided depending on how you intend to orientate the sign to prospective customers.  Two-sided designs enable people coming from any direction to see the information your sign displays.

Wide variety of uses
By relying on yard signs from NGS Printing, you can meet any number of needs, no matter what your organization is primarily involved in:

  • Grand openings: Announce a store opening with signage near roads. that gives your business curbside appeal.
  • Major sale or promotions: Want to bring customers into your business? Yard signs can attract them to an upcoming perk.
  • New product announcements: Yard signs are a great way to show people new additions to your menu or seasonal offerings; such as Shamrock Shakes or Cinco De Mayo Margheritas.
  • Political campaigns: There’s a reason why the phrase “Look at the yard signs” is heard so often during an election season – they work! Use this signage to show your political support.
  • Community events and charitable functions: Come one and all! Spread the word about organizations you support and causes your business believes in, particularly if these happenings are taking place in hard-to-find locations or rural regions.
  • Real estate on the market: Yard signs let potential buyers know a property is for sale.
  • Overall promotion: No matter the purpose, customized yard signs share the message your business wants the world to see.

The clear advantage of NGS yard signs

It’s not just the Coroplast® corrugated plastic material we use that’s made to last, but also the ink: Our printing facility uses UV inks by default for all screen or digitally printed products, and since we have wide format screen print capabilities, we have the capability of printing custom mixed or full color images on white or non-white materials.   Additionally, if you’re looking for a longer term sign, NGS can apply protective over-laminates, UV ink clear coats or propose alternate sign substrates better designed for lengthy applications or outdoor use in sunny areas. And as far as size goes, we’ve got you covered with printing capabilities from small to large (63”x126”) and everything in between.

No matter what your lawn signage needs may be, NGS Printing is your one-stop-shop for excellent results. More than 60 years of experience informs the excellence and care with which we print graphics, whether via screen or digital. Some of the largest consumer goods providers in the U.S. trust in our ability to make their brands stand out, and we’re ready and able to do the same for your messaging.

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