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For the traditional glass storefront, window displays are some of the most important signage options available. Customers passing by a store glance inside and in that moment it is important to entice that consumer by promoting a theme, sale, or product that appeals to them.  

As their name suggest, window graphics are advertising products specifically created for use on a glass surface. While this purpose may sound restrictive, window graphics are still highly flexible and customizable. Here are a few different types of window graphic constructions available, all offered by NGS Printing:

Varieties of window graphics:

Window clings: Also known as static cling graphics, window clings are a non-adhesive material that ‘clings’ to the window and removes cleanly similar to how a suction cup would work.  This which makes them great for temporary signage solutions (6 months or less) They are reusable, making them perfect for the eco-friendly store owner or for a DIY installation

Window decals: Sometimes simply called window stickers, these decals are printed on a thin pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl film and secured to glass through an adhesive agent. Depending on the intended use length, this adhesive can be designed to be permanent or removable. Window decals are the same as a standard vinyl decal but is defined by how it is used.  

Die-cut transfer decals: Similarly constructed like a traditional window decal, die-cut transfer decals are different because they are known to be custom cut into unique and sometimes intricate shapes and letters. What makes these die-cut transfer decals special is that the background is removed and only the cut shapes remain with the perfect spacing relative to each other. In the event that these decals are multiple “pieces,” these components are held together by transfer tape during the installation process to ensure the proper spacing remains intact.

See-thru window decals: Are a clever window graphic material sometimes called “one-way vision graphics” that allows the people on inside of the glass to see through the material and out but the people on the outside looking in have a difficult time and see an image or graphic instead.  These one-way vision graphics are ideal for those who want the functionality of seeing out of the window with the ability to advertise while still retaining some intrigue. See-thru window decals are typically printed on a perforated vinyl film, with a printable white material side and a black backside. Those looking at the window display from the white side will only see the graphic, while those looking from the other angle will be able to stare right through the glass.  It’s an eye trick! There are several options to this material so be sure to have your print vendor help you.

All of these window graphics can attach to either side of the glass surface and come in a variety of sizes, from sticking to a tiny corner to occupying the entire window.

Example product highlights

While it’s nice to know the technical differences, real-world product examples often provide additional insight into how exactly window graphics can be utilized to drive point of purchase and promote sales.

Vinyl lettering: Vinyl lettering is largely informational signage. It can be used to provide a store name, hours, days of operation and address location. In addition, lettering can also be used to promote sales and other in-store events.

Promotional sale: Perhaps the most often used form of window graphics, sales promotions are immediate enticements for passing customers. Keeping this signage window facing will promote the likelihood of it being seen by the largest possible audience.

Item arrivals and departures: Window graphics can be creative here, not just using lettering but custom die-cut transfer decals to give consumers a complete, sometimes to-scale, picture of the product.

Thematic displays: An abstract form of advertising that can nevertheless be effective, thematic displays may not include words or exact sales information but fit with a larger branding initiative or theme. For instance, a store highlighting characters from “The Avengers” series will likely attract a younger crowd.

Window graphics can be clear, opaque, perforated or even frosted. They are a highly flexible signage that is limited only by the advertiser’s imagination. However, as with all signage and display graphics, quality matters.

NGS Printing has the experience, hardware and dedication to print wide and small format window graphics at incredible speeds while preserving its quality and brand consistency. Contact us today to find out how our services can craft premier window graphics for your needs.

NGS Printing is your ideal partner for any window graphic job.  NGS Printing can screen print both wide and small format graphics at rapid speeds or print with industry leading digital equipment for ultra-high quality graphics.  The combination of our experienced customer service staff and screen and digital printing capabilities provides you with flexibility and will make you look good!

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