Window Clings

Retail brands and store owners across the country populate their glass windows to lure people into their stores with a variety of different types of window graphics.  Chief among all window graphic types is the window cling or often referred to as “static cling.”

Window clings are commonly thought to cling to the window using static electricity, but in fact they adhere because of the smooth material and the plasticizer in the material cause a suction effect when pressed against the glass.  Regardless of how they work, they are popular and preferred within the retail industry because they are easy to install and remove which can be done often times by the store employee which saves the store brand money. Window clings are adhesive free and leave no residue behind!

Clings can be designed to be placed on either side of the window, they are most commonly printed in a reflected mirror orientation on a clear material so that they can be placed on the inside of the glass but for outside viewing (2nd surface).  This inside mount style allows the graphics to be protected from the outside elements and from vandals since the window acts as a barrier.

Clings are great for any window application where easy installation and easy removal is important.  Window clings are also great for:

  • Storefront window graphics.
  • Office buildings where mounting graphics to higher story windows from inside is important.
  • Applications where outdoor elements are a concern.
  • Temporary installations.
  • Inside mount, facing out (2nd surface) to protect the graphics from vandalism.
  • Visually appealing window posters without leaving adhesive residue.
  • Applications where it’s important that store level employees will install the graphics.
  • Uses that require a re-usable graphic that can be removed and used again in the future.

NGS Printing has been printing static cling graphics for over 60 years.  We specialize in providing retail brands the highest quality graphics possible and the services needed to ship them to individual stores or bulk.  Try NGS Printing for your next retail window cling project.

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