When there’s a message you want to convey and you need to speak to your audience as clearly as the surfaces to which it attaches, window clings may be just the thing.

Window clings (often referred to as static clings or static signage) are a perfect solution for commercial business and retail storefront window applications. Window clings – as their name implies – are a form of signage that adheres to glass windows and doors, the kind that are common in shopping centers and malls.

Depicting sayings, images, slogans and symbols, window clings are able to stick to said surfaces without adhesive! This is possible thanks to their smooth material; when laid out flat on a non-porous surface, like glass or smooth plastic, window clings produce a suction-like effect and essentially ‘cling.’ Their ability to be easily removed makes windows clings even more unique. Simply peel them off! They won’t leave any tacky residue behind. Fully reusable, window clings can be applied again and again for easy installation.

What Are Window Clings/Static Signage Made From?

Window clings are printed on white or clear vinyl, which is part of the reason why they’re also known as window vinyls or confused as a vinyl decal that has adhesive. This heavy plasticizer-based material is what gives them their distinctive sheen and the ability to grip. Being PVC based also provides enhanced durability so they last longer. Window clings produced by NGS Printing more than meet the time-test standard, as our customers can vouch.

How Are Window Clings Different From Window Decals?

Although window clings and window decals are terms frequently used interchangeably, there’s a key difference between the two that is important to mention.

Window Clings
Window clings get their name because when they’re laid flat on glass, they force the removal of air, thereby adhering to the surface as soon as you take your hand away. Window clings are not recommended for exterior use since the wind, weather, and passerby vandals can pull the signs from windows.

Window Decals
Vinyl decals, on the other hand, have pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side for applying to smooth and textured surfaces. The adhesive can be constructed for permanent or temporary applications.
While static-cling graphics and window decals serve the same purpose, the main difference is removability.
When window clings are not an option, many clients elect to print their static-cling graphics on clear material for second-surface application so the sign is protected by the glass but seen from the outside. Interior-mounted window clings printed via second surface will naturally last longer because they’re shielded from the weather and other threats.

Are Window Clings Reusable?
Many businesses that use window clings take advantage of second-surface printing, which enhances their visibility no matter which side of the glass their target audience is on. Then again, you may prefer the cling to only be seen on one side. If this is the case, opaque window clings are just the ticket. Additionally, unlike window decals, window clings are fully repositionable, allowing you to try them out in one area and removing it to try another area if they look better someplace else.

How Are Window Clings Used?

Whatever you want your signage to convey, window clings can say it in a big way. They are sure to assist your business with point of purchase sales and bringing in more customers in-store. Here are just a few examples in which window clings are put to good use:

  • Announce retail sales events and clearances: Through bold lettering and vivid colors, window clings grab customers’ attention. This way, shoppers know about when door-buster deals are taking place, and for what products and can potentially increase in-store sales.
  • Support the community: Did the hometown team take the state title in Little League baseball or intramural soccer? Window clings can celebrate special achievements while at the same time supporting the community.
  • Advertise on the move: If you own a flower shop or other service that entails delivery, grab drivers’ attention by attaching clings to passenger-side windows or the ones at the back of the van, SUV or truck.
  • Celebrate holidays and seasonal events: Nothing puts people in the spirit of the season quite like decorations and ornaments, be they snowflakes around Christmas or printed flowers when spring rolls around. Window clings can get your shoppers in the mood in a visually appealing way.
  • Provide added motivation: Inspiration is a key component to exercising regularly. Window clings at the front of physical fitness centers can rekindle the competitive fires gym-goers need to leg out that last mile on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical trainer.
  • Add flare to office presentations: If you’ve got a big advertising campaign planned and you want the presentation to go off with a bang, window clings can provide it with a more professional look and feel, easily removable once the demonstration is over.

How Long Do Window Clings Last?

Static window clings generally last about 6 months.  After that, they can start to accumulate dirt and grime and lose the plasticizers that cause adhesion, eventually no longer sticking to the window. Depending on external factors, they may last longer. 

Will Window Clings Stick to Walls?

Most window clings are composed of a soft heavily plasticized PVC vinyl which requires a clean, and extremely smooth surface to bond to. There are alternative materials to static cling vinyl that have like-kind properties that can stick to walls.  Either way, it’s important, to begin with, a clean surface otherwise they may adhere to any loose particulates and not the wall which is why it is important to clean the section of the wall that the window cling will be placed on.  

Get Custom Window Clings with NGS Printing

Whatever you need them for, window clings are the ideal solution to getting the word out in a simple, affordable way, without discounting quality. For over 60 years, NGS Printing has specialized in producing high-caliber products that have made us a go-to destination for signage in virtually all forms, from flip charts, to shelf talkers to concrete graphics and more.

No matter the job, NGS Printing has the equipment, experience and know-how to handle it all. Whether it’s order fulfillment or finishing, NGS has the digital and screen printing capabilities that are industry leading. We’re also G7 master-qualified by Idealliance. This means we consistently deliver in creating and upholding the color quality that customers rightly expect from their signage. Let us prove it to you by choosing NGS for your next project.

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