Styrene signs are sometimes known as the “pop signage” due to the frequency of its use throughout the POP display and printing industry. High-impact Polystyrene often called HIPS is a popular material choice for printing due to its white point, cost, rigidity, durability, recyclability, and ease to fabricate. Specifically designed for the point of purchase (POP) display and printing industry it is a semi-rigid and dense material created for long-term point-of-purchase signage. Specialized or high-impact polystyrene is made by mixing normal styrene with additives that bolster its composition, making it less brittle and allowing for even longer endurance. As a bonus, this improved styrene is also a recyclable substance.

Styrene Sign Uses

Styrene signage has many uses, including:

  • Restaurant menu overview: This use case is particularly prevalent in fast food establishments because HIPS can be produced as opaque or translucent for backlit signage. Businesses trust styrene signage to display the bright colors associated with meal advertisement, as well as highlight the price.
  • Retail pop signage: Due to its ease to fabricate and cost, styrene is perfect when it comes to creating fast but effective graphic displays to advertise promotions, such as sales or clearance items. A styrene sign can be flexible and rolled at thin gauges like 0.010” and 0.020” thicknesses while also great for rigid applications like aisle violators or headers at thicker gauges like .060” and 0.080”. In addition, styrene router cuts, knife cuts, heat bends, and thermoforms well.
  • Trade show displays: Polystyrene is a great inexpensive alternative solution to using Coroplast or cardboard without looking ‘cheap’ with the corrugated flutes. Polystyrene has a high-end finished look and feel to the material. To maximize signage effectiveness, attendees need to choose a material that is both light but enduring, one that can also be formed into new shapes if necessary. Styrene fulfills all three expectations.
  • Recurring promotional sale signage: Styrene’s composure allows it to be unveiled and packed away without destruction while at thin gauges it can be rolled. This feature makes it ideal for temporary signage that recurs at an expected frequency. Spring sales, summer savings and winter bargains can all be highlighted effectively through this pop signage.
  • Outdoor usage: Styrene holds up to weather, even harsh or stormy conditions. While it won’t last forever, this graphic display can effectively promote temporary sales or event.
  • Styrene signage has the quality to catch and hold consumer attention, even from a distance. Well-done examples of this pop signage can initiate a sale and drive home the POP. Due to the smooth surface, the print resolution is often superior to other materials from close up.

Styrene Signage with NGS Printing

As with any other signage, construction quality matters. Styrene is designed to be highly customizable, available in black, white, translucent, opaque and custom colors made in a host of other options. When choosing a partner to create this or any other kind of signage, trust one with state-of-the-art machinery, decades of experience, and a dedicated staff dedicated to bringing any vision to life. NGS Printing prides itself on its reputation to under promise and over deliver. We’re ready to serve you in all your styrene needs.

Make NGS Printing your preferred vendor for your next styrene sign project. NGS uses state-of-the-art equipment to print directly onto the styrene substrate with industry leading quality! Join the hundreds of display companies that use NGS Printing as their choice supplier of styrene signs!

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