Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers are promotional graphics that speak to customers in eye-catching ways and are situated in the direct vicinity of a specific product. Composed most commonly of rigid vinyl or polystyrene, shelf talkers jut outwardly from shelf space or hang down off the shelf – so customers can’t help but notice them – and commonly describe various selling points that make merchandise desirable through word choice, bright colors and aesthetically pleasing graphics. Otherwise known as “silent salespeople” or “shelf screamers,” shelf talkers’ fundamental purpose is to grab attention and inform customers, whether by helping them locate items so they’re easier to find or highlighting a special sale, new product, or a new feature shelf talkers help buyers make more informed consumer decisions.

Many retailers use shelf talkers as a form of marketing, which they may obtain from their corporate offices or come up with themselves, as may be the case with small-business owners. Printers and publishers design shelf talkers as well by working with businesses and store managers to help craft messages that resonate, thereby moving product. Shelf talkers come in a variety of styles and shapes from Channel Strips, Wobblers, and Aisle Violators, and the retailers can choose the one that’s most in line with their store shelving, needs, and interior architecture.

Retail Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers aren’t necessarily exclusive to retail, but shops tend to be the most common users of these marketing tools. Here are some of the types of retailers that make use of them and for what purpose:

  • Grocers: Are customers looking for gluten-free foods or selections that are highly nutritious? Shelf talkers highlight nutrition facts to help customers find items faster.
  • Clothing and accessories: As seasonal patterns change, so do clothing shoppers’ buying preferences. Shelf talkers can promote spring sales events or help parents get their kids bundled up for winter weather.
  • Electronics: Technology is in a near constant state of advancement and shelf-talkers can speak to this fact by highlighting state-of-the-art features in personal computers, Wi-Fi, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles.
  • Wineries: There are over 10,000 wine varieties in the world, so connoisseurs have plenty to choose from. Shelf talkers can help customers discover a new type of wine they’ve never tried or direct them to the sections they’re most interested in, such as Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling or rare blends so meals are perfectly paired and collections complemented.
  • Sporting goods: Has spring training begun? Is soccer season set to kick off? Shelf talkers can speak to parents or student athletes by highlighting sections of the store that are devoted to whatever sport or court that requires all the right equipment and gear.
  • Special discounts: From Buy One Get One (BOGO) to 50 percent off, sales events never fail to entice customers. The vivid displays that speak to how and where customers can buy for less serve as a classic function of shelf talkers.
  • QR codes: These codes can be a great way to make in-store contests and promotions more fun and interactive for customers. Many retail shelf talkers with QR codes are used in point of purchase areas as a final effort to catch the customer’s attention.

Designing Custom Shelf Talkers

With so many varieties and sizes available, custom shelf talkers can elevate your promotional graphics. Your shelf talkers can be specifically designed for the type of product you’re advertising. The unique message and design you choose can help capture the attention of customers.

When designing shelf talkers, keep in mind that graphics should be kept minimal and the use of impactful words will help draw the attention you want. With the shelf talker printing capabilities NGS Printing offers, the graphics, texts and varying logos can be made to match your supplied artwork. Shelf talkers are small in size, so choosing impactful color and copy is suggested.

At NGS Printing, we have the experience and know-how to bring your graphics to life. Shelf talkers are among our specialties. Contact NGS Printing and let your signage do the talking.

Constructed most commonly using: Rigid vinyl, Polystyrene (HIPS), PETG

Shelf Talkers are also known as: Shelf wobbler, shelf flag, shelf sign, shelf dangler

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