See-Thru Window Signs

See-thru window signs are a form of window advertising that allows retailers, offices, and restaurants to use their windows for advertising without blocking their view or losing the functionality of their windows.

Common  alternative names for See-Thru Window Signs: One-way vision signs, ContraVision graphics, or Perforated vinyl window graphics.


What makes window graphics so unique and functional is the material used has small perforated holes throughout similar to a window screen. Inside viewers looking outside can look through the black graphic backside and out the window toward the brighter day light. From the outside, viewers see the printed image instead because the front printed side of the material is white and reflects the brighter outdoor light which makes looking through the material extremely difficult. Our eyes naturally focus on the brighter lights and where they are coming from.

This is all possible because the unique see-thru vinyl material has a printable white front side and a black adhesive backside for mounting. These one-way vision graphics are ideal for those who want to use their windows to advertise but don’t want to lose the functionality of seeing out the window or receive natural light inside.


See-thru window signs generally are constructed for mounting on the outside of the glass window (1st surface to the glass). There are a variety of different material options and perforation patterns that call out how much printable material there is to how much hole space for viewing (50/50, 60/40, 70/30).

Perforated signage destined for automobiles where seeing through the graphic is highly important is generally a 50/50 pattern, which means 50% of the material is printable white and 50% is open holes for viewing through. Applications where the vibrant image is priority may desire a 70/30 material (70% material / 30% hole) instead.

Exterior mounted applications should also consider the desired useful life of the graphics and whether a protective over-laminate should be added because of the exposure to the weather, vandalism, and UV. If protection is needed, one-way vision graphics require using optically clear overlaminates to ensure the holes remain easy to see through.

Alternatively, NGS Printing is one of the few print suppliers that is capable of producing wide format see-thru window graphics for mounting from the inside facing the outside (2nd surface to the glass). Interior mounted graphics require printing in reverse on a clear perforated material followed by screen printing a white and screen printing a black to get the desired effect once installed. Without adding the white and black flood coats viewing the image is much more difficult and the image won’t be as vibrant or effective. This construction method makes the viewer look through the glass window to see the graphic installed on the interior side of the window which makes glare and window tint a consideration.


  • Store fronts promoting something new
  • Gyms blocking people from the outside looking in
  • Automobile rear windows
  • Gas stations where glass fronts are prime marketing to get people inside
  • Tall buildings where the windows can be made into a billboard without blocking the view or natural light.
  • Privacy purposes
  • Natural light filter
  • Tint alternative

Perforated Window Signs FAQ:

What material is your perforated window decal made out of?

This material is made out of an adhesive backed flexible PVC vinyl film.  NGS prints window signs on perforated vinyl material that adheres to glass and allows for the ability to see-through the window without any blockage.  

What is the lifespan of NGS’ perforated window decals?

The typical life-span of a perforated window sign can be as long as  3-5 years. The life span will vary if the graphic is placed on the exterior or interior of the window, how much sun exposure the signage receives, what cleaning solutions are used, and the proximity to vandalism.   If long lasting signage is desired, NGS Printing recommends a clear protective overlaminate or reverse printing the image on clear and installing on the inside of the window (facing outside).   

Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my decal?

NGS Printing can add optically clear protective laminates if the graphic is going to be added to the exterior of a window to protect it from overexposure to the weather, vandalism, and UV rays.  This laminate will only slow the degradation of the graphic.


NGS Printing has decades of experience producing all the different window graphics, ranging from static clings, die cut decals, and even see-thru signs. Trust in the printing company that has a reputation of producing high quality graphics and lends their expertise to hundreds of brands, retailers and display manufacturers. If you’re in need of some one-way vision signage don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a quick call and discuss your project details.

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