While many people had posters hanging on their walls growing up, it’s a generic type of marketing signage used beyond concert posters for your bedroom. In the printing industry, posters, also referred to as retail posters or retail display posters, are referred to large graphics designed to be hung on a wall or suspended from a ceiling. While posters can be any shape, their most available form is the rectangle. Due to their large size, they are best viewed from medium to far distance away and tend to have great imagery to grab attention and large text to keep the viewer’s attention.

Retail Display Poster Uses

Here are some of the common uses for posters:

Product advertising: Posters are great for showcasing new products with amazing imagery, as well as items that are on sale or affected by a seasonal promotion.

Window graphics: Posters can be placed on or behind glass windows at malls, restaurants or other places to attract outside people in. Using big text and great images can grab people’s attention.

Political campaigns: Posters are useful in a campaign primary due to their size. With a poster on the wall, potential voters will have a good view of the candidate, with room for a slogan and possible platform breakdown.

Store décor: Not all signage needs to advertise. Posters are also commonly used for store décor. Bagel shops showing colorful vector images of bagels and coffee can put patrons in the mood for a treat.

Film advertisements: Movie companies still use posters as a popular form of marketing to preview coming attractions. The poster is well suited as there is space for an image and room for cast credits.

Translites: Backlit posters are called translites and can be found at airports, bus stops, movie theaters, and shopping malls to grab attention in all environments. Backlit posters are typically printed on a translucent polystyrene with an over saturated print file.

Motivation: Due to their aesthetically pleasing nature, posters are often used for motivational slogans as well as positive mantras. The graphic has room for a high quality image and clearly visible text that can be read at a distance.

Events: Posters are visible signage that are useful for event promotion. Posters are commonly hung on the walls of expo halls, concerts, and stadium arenas.

Travel promotion: Due to their size and color vibrancy, posters make for excellent advertising tools for vacation traveling and tourism.

Educational material: Posters can be hung in classrooms and workplaces, providing the inhabitants with visual instructions and safety procedures.

Art prints: Posters can be used to display art replications and gallery promotions.

Posters can be made out of a variety of materials, including paper cardstock, translites, polystyrene (HIPS) and foamboard. Posters may also be printed onto canvas. To increase poster longevity, NGS Printing recommends protecting delicate materials like paper cardstock or foamboard by placing the signage into protective frames or behind glass for added protection. Alternatively, NGS also can laminate posters with a protective clear for protection.

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Constructed most commonly using: Foamboard, polystyrene (HIPS), or paper cardstock

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