Pole Signs

Pole Signs are a form of promotional signage often found at gas stations, parking lots, and along high traffic roads mounted to a vertical pole using clips, brackets, or zip ties.  Pole signs are a good alternative to other outdoor graphic options because the signs are mounted in highly visible locations, installation is easy, and the hardware and substrate material are typically made of inexpensive materials like Coroplast.   The most common mounting technique is to zip tie (2) signs back to back to each other with a vertical pole sandwiched between them.

NGS Printing is your ideal print vendor for your next pole project because we have the perfect combination of experience, personalized service, and state-of-the-art equipment ensuring your pole sign job is a success and will meet your deadlines.  In addition, NGS can ship your graphics included with zip ties to locations across the country to make your project a little less complicated.  Call NGS for your next pole sign project.

Constructed most commonly using:  Polystyrene, corrugated plastic (Coroplast)

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