Pole Signs Ensure Your Business is Seen by All

Pole signs are promotional displays seen mounted to poles in locations varying from parking lots, gas stations, parks, schools and more. Typically seen in exterior applications, they’re incredibly easy to install, inexpensive to purchase – and most importantly – extremely resilient and visible over great distances.

There are two varieties of pole signs (illuminated pole signs and non-illuminated) which serve different purposes and require different levels of installation. NGS Printing specializes in non-illuminated pole signs that are digital or screen printed for permanent and temporary uses. Whether you need pole signs for placement along highly trafficked roads, in parking lots, elsewhere outside of your business, for interior use or as other types of signage, NGS Printing has exactly what you need.

Simple and reliable

The design of a temporary pole sign is simple in and of itself. Two signs – often with the same messaging – made of a durable, outdoor-resistant material like Coroplast® are attached to either side of a stationary pole at identical heights and connected by zip ties, brackets or clips. That’s it! No bells, whistles, complications or other installation difficulties. The pylon pole between the two signs will securely hold the sign panels in place through the weather and wind.

Coroplast signs are made using corrugated plastic – flat polypropylene boards with printable front and back surfaces and interior flutes between both sides to add thickness and material rigidity.  Rigidity is an essential quality for outdoor pole signs that must self-stand and hold up to intense sunlight, rain, sleet, snow, hail and gale-force winds.

Attract attention far and wide

If your gas station and convenience store isn’t specifically in a high-traffic area but very close to one, pole signage can help you take advantage of that proximity! Attach displays promoting your business to standing structures along the stretch of highway closest to that exit to increase visibility and catch the eyes of customers. The same applies for boutique retailers, shopping centers and other popular choices in quiet areas for whom interstate traffic is the major source of consumer attention.

Keep your lot in order

Sporting events, shopping centers and department stores located in suburban areas that want to add a marketing push in the parking lot will find that pole signage is the most economical signage option for a temporary application.

The NGS Advantage

Ensure your business attracts the attention of passersby to keep your establishment competitive in this fast-paced world. NGS Printing has the necessary expertise, industry-leading inks, cutting-edge equipment, attention to detail and reliable service you deserve for your next pole sign project, to make your logo and messaging shine far and wide.

Working on a deadline? NGS Printing has you covered. We can send your customized pole signs to locations across the country – with the hardware you need to make installation as easy as possible.

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