Magnetic Receptive

Magnetic receptive graphics are an exciting new twist on the standard magnetic sign.  NGS’s magnetic receptive graphics are a unique lightweight, flexible, and thin printable material that has magnet like properties when paired with a magnet base.  If you desire a graphic with the intention of changing it several times over the display lifespan, a magnetic receptive will likely be a better solution than a standard magnet sign because magnet receptive graphics are:

  • Flexible enough to roll
  • Lightweight for shipping
  • Easy to install without professional help
  • Steel mounting surface is not required!
  • 1 or 2 sided magnet printing to save on shipping and material.
  • Less expensive than standard magnet
  • Magnetism in material is active when placed over the magnetic base material.

Unlike standard magnetic signs that need a ferrous material (steel) to apply to, magnetic receptive graphics use an adhesive backed magnetic base material instead.  This adhesive backed base material can mount to a variety of smooth / semi-smooth surfaces. The magnetic base can be either not printed or printed, offering more design options and flexibility.  When the base material is printed there are more advantages such as it can be an over sized graphic but the magnet receptive can also be printed and placed on top of the base then offering you the capability of changing the message, picture, price, etc.  without the extra costs of swapping the expensive magnet material over and over again.  While this 2 piece construction may sound complicated, it is a great solution for graphics where shipping and interchanging of graphics will be frequent.

When cost is a concern, magnet receptive graphics tend to be less expensive than regular magnet because of the following:

  • No magnetism between sheets, so production is more efficient and results in lower production costs.
  • Less iron needed to produce the material which makes producing it cheaper.
  • Material is significantly lighter weight which makes it cheaper to ship in all stages of production and finally to the end user.
  • Receptive material can be 2 side printed further saving material and shipping for applications with frequent changes.

NGS Printing’s magnet receptive graphics are great for:

  • Indoor signage applications that will have many interchanges
  • Menu boards
  • Sale posters
  • Temporary signage
  • Office message boards or calendars
  • Interior design
  • Point of Purchase promotion graphics

Our magnetic receptive graphics are a wonderful alternative to your standard magnets.  NGS Printing has been producing retail graphics and POP signage for over 60 years. We continue to invest in the highest quality equipment in the industry to maintain our high quality reputation and exceed our customers expectations.  If this exciting product appeals to you, reach out to us for a sample or more information.

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