Signage isn’t always designed to be static. Banners, hanging signs and printed panels may say all you need, but when you have announcements to make that can change from day to day, these products might not do.

Magnetic receptive graphics and materials may be the ideal solution.

What does magnetic receptive mean?

Magnetic receptive graphics and materials serve as a sleek, easy and cost-efficient solution for signage applications that change frequently. Lightweight and flexible, this form of signage has magnetic properties that enables it to stick to surfaces that aren’t exclusive to metal or steel. This is made possible through the use of pairing it with a separate adhesive-backed magnetic base. Using adhesive, the magnetic base is installed to nearly any flat surface to make it into a magnetic surface.  Then, the magnetic receptive is what gets printed and changed. This fact alone provides added versatility so you can use magnetic receptive signage in many different places.

The printed magnetic receptive material is quite different from a simple magnet. It is extremely light weight, rollable and won’t stick to a refrigerator. Many of the advantages make magnetic receptive a much less expensive product when compared to a standard magnetic graphic.

Magnetic receptive graphics are used by many different businesses to further their sales, services and performance goals. Restaurateurs love them because they can update menus on an as-needed basis for new dishes or specials. They’re also great for point-of-purchase displays among retailers, whether high-end or big box. They can also advertise major sales promotions leading into the holiday season or some other event where prices on merchandise are cut.

Great way to save money and hassle

In addition to their versatility, magnetic receptive graphics are highly affordable, especially in comparison to standard magnetic signs. There are a few reasons as to why.

For starters, the adhesive-backed base means you don’t need the magnets that are typically used between sheets. This reduces production and fabrication expenses. Additionally, the chemical properties of magnetic receptive materials means there isn’t as much iron in the material. This also lowers the cost of manufacturing without compromising the quality.

With less iron and no magnetism between the sheets, magnetic receptive materials are uniquely lightweight. Paired with their ultra-thinness, you can roll them up if you’d like so that they can be conveniently stored or transferred to another location for display. This makes magnetic receptive easier and safer to ship to you because our shipping costs are less.

An additional cost advantage of magnetic receptive is its ability to be used again and again. Double-sided printing allows you to change it multiple times over the course of its lifespan, which means you get more usage out of your signage. This prevents you from having to order a separate product for follow-up advertising campaigns or special announcements.

How do magnetic graphics and magnetic receptive graphics differ?

There is a lot of overlap between these two products. Their main connection, of course, is their magnetism. They’re also used for many of the same purposes, including POP displays or spur-of-the-moment announcements.

Retailers choose magnetic receptive graphics usually for a long-term costs savings. If the graphics will be replaced a few times over, there will be lower production costs and savings from printing, finishing and shipping efficiencies over a standard magnetic material.

The other large distinction is in their versatility. Whereas magnetic graphics require a ferrous back surface such as iron or metal, magnetic receptive doesn’t discriminate. It is designed to only stick to the base material. Since the base material uses adhesive, it can be applied to drywall, most plastics, wood, Formica, glass, smooth concrete, plaster and even cardboard.

Plus, application is exactly as easy as a standard magnet which couldn’t be easier. It’s as quick as peel and stick, as magnetic receptive can come in sheets or rolls.

There’s a lot of magic to magnets and at NGS Printing, we know that our magnetic receptive materials can work for many of your signage needs. In addition to our attention to detail and customization, we have high-end equipment so the graphics and colors you select are bright and crisp. This is thanks to our G7 Master qualification, which we’ve earned for 10 straight years in color proofing from Idealliance, the International Digital Enterprise Alliance.

For expertise that’s unparalleled and quality products you have to see to believe, turn to NGS Printing for all your signage needs. We bring graphics to life. Please contact us today online or come by and visit us here in Elgin, Illinois.

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