Magnetic Graphics are promotional signs printed on magnetic stock material for use on metal ferrous surfaces. Ideal for signage applications that require frequent changes, easy installation, or a high-end look. Custom magnetic graphics by NGS Printing are versatile signage solutions for point-of-purchase displays, retail environments and marketing promotions.

At NGS Printing, our high-quality custom magnets begin by screen printing or digital printing your custom provided image onto a printable white vinyl mounted atop magnetic base stock. The addition of the magnetic stock allows the graphic to bond to ferrous metal surfaces like steel. Magnetic signs are ideal for a wide variety of in-store graphic needs and offer the sort of eye-catching appeal that’s essential to staying competitive.

Magnetic Graphics Have a Wide Range of Uses

Signage produced through NGS Printing’s custom magnet printing techniques can serve a number of different advertising purposes, including:

  • Permanent POP displays: You can update portions of a point-of-purchase display using magnetic graphics without having to entirely overhaul the display hardware. Retail brands that want to reuse their point-of-purchase display and only refresh their graphics may rely on store level employees with the updating. There is no easier material option available to install than magnets which would ensure the imagery always looks great.
  • Quick announcements: If you need to direct customer attention to a spur-of-the-moment sale or adjusted holiday hours, a magnetic sign you can quickly place and remove and take down just as easily—adds versatility and ease.
  • Business cards: Using magnet printing for your business cards offers a perfect opportunity to distribute a functional promotion customers won’t easily lose track of.
  • Appointment reminders and calendars: Graphics in the form of fridge magnets and desk calendars help customers stay on time and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.
  • Vehicle signage: Magnet printing can produce easily applicable and removable vehicle graphics—which is a great option for franchises and businesses alike that may want advertising on their door with the ability to remove it when the car is shared with personal use. Magnets are also the ideal bumper-sticker alternative that isn’t permanent.
  • Giveaways: Looking for an item you can brand with your company logo and colors? A magnet is a popular and affordable giveaway option for corporate gatherings or gift bags.

Custom Magnetic Graphics For Any Surface

Ordinarily, magnetic materials need to be attached to a ferrous surface, like steel. But this isn’t always an option. NGS Printing has the answer—magnetic receptive graphics.

Magnetic Receptive graphics are different, often misunderstood and typically underutilized compared to standard magnetic graphics. Magnetic receptive graphics make any surface into a potential magnetic surface without the need for a ferrous steel. This alternative magnet printing option combines a flexible and lightweight graphic surface with a magnet base material and doesn’t require a steel mounting substrate. Smooth and semi-smooth surfaces like drywall, plastics, and various non-ferrous metals can now be the foundation of visually alluring advertisements. Also, opting for two-sided magnetic receptive graphics can offer even greater flexibility for rotating signage in and out as needed, saving money on shipping, storage, and material costs.

The NGS Advantage

For a high-quality magnetic graphics printer, look no further than NGS Printing. We offer all of the high-end equipment, G7 qualifications, and wide-ranging capabilities along with the personal approach of a small business. When we receive orders from our clients, we’re with them every step of the way, offering pre-press and project management expertise, top-end digital and screen printing equipment, finishing operations and fulfillment services to ensure customers receive their signage products on-time, as safely and efficiently as possible.

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