Magnetic Graphics

Magnetic graphics are designed for interchangeable signage displays. Printable sheets are constructed by mounting white vinyl to magnetic sheeting. The white printable vinyl surface is tailor-made then for businesses and organizations that routinely rotate signage or branding design. The highest quality magnetic graphics can be applied to, removed from and reused.  

Using magnets usually requires a ferrous metal material for them to bond to, however if your application doesn’t have a magnetic metal and switch-ability is important, consider using a “magnet receptive” first.  Magnet receptives are a specially designed material that have adhesive on one side so it can be applied to any flat surface and the material is built to be receptive to magnet materials. Using a magnetic receptive makes any surface into a potential place to use a magnetic graphic. Common applications for magnetic graphics include:

  • Versatile frequent changing in-store signage: Magnetic graphics are designed to placed and removed at will, making them effective signage to highlight temporary promotions, including sales and clearances.
  • Permanent POP displays:  High priced products that are frequently updated such as electronics may be great candidates to use magnetic signage.  Permanent POP displays can be expensive to manufacture and ship so keeping them in-store as long as possible is important.  Incorporating the ease of switching of the graphics will allow the display to stay in the store with minimal effort to change the display as the technology updates.
  • Appointment reminders: Most consumers keep at least one magnetically receptive surface, the refrigerator, in a place of high foot traffic. Organizations looking to make sure their products are displayed prominently can order magnetic appointment reminders. These items are more durable than paper counterparts and can be designed to be reused.
  • Business cards: Quality is a strong indicator of a professional business card. Cards printed on magnetic graphics won’t fray or be easily damaged by folding or other common occurrences. The magnetic underside will allow them to be easily displayed, perhaps even at eye-level, keeping your contact information in sight and on the mind of those customers you’d like to attract.
  • Calendars: Many companies hand out magnetic calendars to increase brand awareness. Regardless of industry, most consumers will take all the help they can get when managing their time. A simple calendar with a corporate logo and contact information can be effective promotional signage.
  • Vehicle Signage:  As a substitute to a permanent bumper sticker, magnets can come in automobile grade that can withstand the wind and turbulence and remain on the vehicle as it drives.  These graphics are great if you want a temporary vehicle graphic.
  • Company promotion: Organizations, especially ones that work with vehicles, can easily advertise with magnetic graphics. The signage can be attached directly to the car, turning the company vehicle into a driving advertisement.
  • Giveaway items: Magnets are popular forms of branded office swag and make for good participation prizes in corporate events and tradeshows.

To manufacture quality magnetic graphics, a printing company needs to have the best equipment. This is where NGS Printing believes that it has an edge. Our technology can create professional, custom-cut magnetic graphics on various thicknesses and stocks. We use weather-resistant, ultraviolet ink, making every magnetic graphic we produce ideal for indoor or outdoor signage.

Whether your business needs a promotional giveaway item or sophisticated but flexible in-store retail signage, NGS Printing has the tools and the passion to help your business.

Constructed most commonly using:   Magnetic receptive materials, magnetic vinyl

Magnetic Graphics are also known as:   Magnetic signs, interchangeable graphics, magnets

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