Header Graphics

Whatever the product, visible branding matters. Customers need to be able to see the item before they can be tempted into a purchase. Header graphics exemplify this principle. Mounted on top of case stacks, displays, fixtures or shelves, header signage is positioned to be eye-catching and clearly visible.

This type of graphic display is typically large and detailed to a greater degree than risers, channel strips and aisle violators. Since headers are typically placed at eye level or above, the idea is to be loud, proud and immediately enticing. Headers are best thought of as the marquee graphic that grabs attention from afar. Here are some tips on how to effectively position this type of retail signage:

Effective retail placements for graphic headers:

  • Sales: Headers can highlight whole sections of retail space dedicated for bargains. For retail owners trying to clear inventory, headers are premier store fixtures.
    Top products: While end cap use is also effective, consumers typically associate headers with the best products. In retail space, the most desired item is typically the one that is the most immediately visible.
  • Directions: Headers are more than sales tools. This signage can provide constant customer service, directing shoppers to restrooms, registers and other important in-store conveniences. [Typically don’t use headers for restrooms and the POS.]
  • Segmentation: Retail stores, especially those operating in the realm of general services, need a way to quickly itemize their products into discernable groups. The last thing that store owners want is frustrated consumers lost while trying to find items. Headers dictate segmentation silently but efficiently.
  • Specialty items: Certain stores offer products that are not for universal purchase. These age-restricted items need to be kept out of the general stock to reduce the likelihood of them ending up in the wrong hands. However, store owners still need to advertise their presence. Keeping these items behind glass or a counter while under a bold header will help them move, even apart from the general store.

Importance of header quality

Headers cannot be stories. Despite their size, NGS Printing advises against word-heavy signage or graphics that attempt too much, which can turn consumers off by appearing inconvenient. The best merchandising solution involves an enticing yet pleasing visual aesthetic and concise wording.

Then there’s the material quality of the header itself. At NGS Printing we recommend using quality plastic materials for longer term applications like acrylic, expanded PVC (Komatex or Sintra), or polystyrene (HIPS). These materials are better for withstanding vandalism and damage done by shoppers passing by. If the use is short term (1-3 weeks), we may suggest header graphics constructed using paper based materials like foam board, cardstock or cardboard.

When choosing a partner to create your header graphics, look for a printer with experience, dedication and commitment to every project. NGS Printing prides itself on its ability to create quality header retail displays in a timely and efficient manner. We’re printers first and salespeople second, and as such a company known for our reputation to under-promise and over-deliver on our products.

Constructed most commonly using:   Foamboard, Polystyrene (HIPS), Acyrlic, PETG, Cardstock, or Expanded PVC (Komatex, Sintra, etc.)

Headers are also known as:   Topper panel, Header graphic, Marquee, Riser sign

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