Hanging Sign (Graphic)

Hanging signs are graphics suspended over a display or department designed to be seen from a great distance away.  Hanging signs are best to grab people’s attention and bring them deeper into the store or help navigate people to find what they need.  Hanging signs are usually printed on both sides of the material and made of lightweight materials like paper, foam board, polystyrene or banners to make installation easy and less dangerous if the sign would ever fall for some reason.  When seeking a hanging sign, discuss with your sales rep if using a light blocking material is worthwhile for your application.

NGS Printing is your ideal supplier for your next hanging sign project because our combination of large format screen printing and ultra-high quality digital equipment provide you options and flexibility for any job.  No job is too small or large with our capacity and capabilities. Consider NGS Printing for your next hanging sign project!

Constructed most commonly using:   Foamboard, PVC Banner, Polystyrene, Cardstock, or
Expanded PVC (Komatex, Sintra, etc.)

Hanging Signs are also known as:   Hanging Graphics, Overhead Sign, Banners, Suspended Signs

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