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As the competition among gas stations becomes fiercer and more overwhelming than ever before, brands are looking for the best ways to draw customers to the fuel pumps as well as into their convenience stores.  

Gas station brands need to better use marketing signage to incentivize customers outside, to come inside.  One of the best things to do is to attract self-pay customers pumping gas inside where they will spend money on heavily marked-up products.  Well executed marketing signage incentivizes people to shop. 

As a premier printing company, NGS Printing provides fantastic, attention-grabbing printing solutions that can be used to achieve any marketing and promotion goals.  NGS understands that gas station imaging has to be vibrant, durable, and up-to-date to make a difference and increase its revenues and sales.

Screen and Digital Printing for a Wide Range of Businesses

Regardless of your business niche, a restaurant, or a gas station, you need to make a strong visual impact and attract customers. NGS Printing can help with that. Our range of printing services is relevant to any business that serves the general public and in need of print marketing.  While NGS doesn’t offer creative work, engineering, or installations, retailers, display companies, and brands nationwide use NGS for their large format printing needs. 

With over 60 years of printing experience serving retailers and brands, NGS can be your printing partner that is going to provide you with the cutting-edge graphics you need for your marketing campaigns.  Utilizing software automation, machine robotics, and state-of-the-art print and finishing equipment, NGS Printing is where value and quality intersect.  NGS offers 6-color screen printing as large as 64” x 80” and digital printing direct to rigid substrates like 6mm Sintra, 0.060” polystyrene, 0.080” PETG, or thin materials like paper cardstock.

Header Signage

Header graphics are simply perfect for gas stations for placement on top of fuel pumps outside or above the shelving inside.  Header graphics can be mounted on shelves, fixtures, displays, and case stacks and can be printed 1 side or 2 sided for viewing in either direction. They are large and high enough to be clearly visible and are placed at eye level to entice and grab the customers’ attention immediately or from a distance when scanning rows of shelves within a store. 

The most effective retail uses for header graphics include:

  • Sale Promotions – if you’re trying to clear inventory or offer a great sale, headers can highlight the details.  2-sided header signs placed on top of the fuel pumps are viewed by every customer waiting to pump gas.  
  • Segmentation –Header signs are great for itemizing products into different categories to help customers navigate and find what they are looking for.  This comes in handy if the store is intended to be a quick stop.
  • Specialty Services – gas stations usually have a range of specialty services such as promoting a credit card or a loyalty account.  Use header signs on top of the fuel pump to influence sign-ups.   

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Decal Graphics

Decal graphics can be extremely useful for gas stations as they can adhere directly to the fuel pump, windows, or other structures offering opportunities to advertise or inform.  Decals are great because they are not easy to remove by vandals and don’t require special hardware to make them effective.  There are is an array of different uses, including:

  • Window decals – Promoting 2 for 1 or other deals from the convenient store windows is a great way to create awareness and draw people in.  Windows are great because as the customer is walking toward the store, they can read the promotions and have time to decide.  
  • Important information – Let your customers know about store hours, safety warnings, new promotions, and other announcements. Our decals can be stuck to the fuel pump itself right where the customer is standing and waiting. 
  • Branding – Use the surfaces of the fuel pump, windows, doors, or structure itself as places to add your brand or colors.  Decals can be designed with special adhesives to adhere to almost any surface. Carwash – Decals can be used to show customers the pricing and options of your car wash.  
  • Fuel pump identification numbers – Decals are an easy way to label each pump to make paying inside the convenience store simple.  
  • Giveaways – brand your items with your company colors and logo to make them suitable for giveaways.

Concrete Graphics

Concrete graphics are informative, attention-grabbing, perfect for promoting, and easy to remove. You can use them for an array of different purposes, but most commonly is for informing the customer about a sale item. 

Gas stations commonly use outdoor concrete floor graphics or frequently called sidewalk signs to grab customers’ attention and tell customers about a promotion. Aside from gas stations, many businesses use concrete graphics to attract more customers and improve branding. 

 Concrete graphics fit a wide range of businesses or uses:

  • Sales events
  • Grand opening
  • Special occasions
  • Product promotions
  • Slogans
  • Direction
  • Races

Concrete graphics are different because the adhesive is specifically designed to adhere to concrete.  Additionally, the material has no memory so when it gets pushed into cracks, pebbles, and highs and lows of the concrete, it stays there.  It’s worth noting that these signs are not designed for vehicle traffic, parking lots, or where snow shovels may peel them from the ground.  

Translite Graphics

Translite graphics are also known as backlit signage and are a perfect solution for gas stations that are open at night.  Naturally eye-catching, these graphics have a special light source behind the graphic that makes the signage illuminate and the colors pop!  The use of translites are great when it comes to public branding and advertising because the human eye gravitates toward brighter and more colorful images

Translites are best suited for drawing customers into the convenience store by advertising sales when low light settings.  Window graphics tend to be ineffective at night but translites may be a viable solution to increase sales.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are among the most common signage types found in a gas station convenience store.  They are extremely useful and helpful to customers to encourage social distancing, navigate to bathrooms, or products to purchase. Most importantly, they can be customized to fit your brand making them perfect for your gas station marketing and advertising needs. 

You can use them to:

  • Direct foot traffic around your gas station convenience store
  • Encourage social distancing at the cash register or product aisles
  • Ensure that your customers get to see your signage in case they missed signage at eye-level
  • Direct people toward bathrooms.
  • Provide vital safety information

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