Flip charts serve as the perfect solution for retail environments where there is too much information, images or samples to convey and limited square footage to work with.  Flip charts are a presentation signage that is attention-grabbing, and a useful way to organize a lot of information in a consolidated space.

What are flip charts?

Resembling an oversized book, flip charts can be used as a point-of-purchase display to allow customers to see various types of options, items for sale, and even display samples of product.  Home improvement stores often use flip charts to display carpet, flooring, fabric and tile samples due to the amount of options and the limited amount of space available.

Highly user friendly and intuitive, these pages can display high-resolution printed images, or real product samples mounted onto a range of different rigid plastics like expanded PVC (Komatex, Sintra, etc.), or polystyrene. These materials are formed into slides or pages and bound into a display fixture designed specifically to hold these sometimes heavy and oversized pages. All types of businesses can make use of flip charts, including home improvement stores, big-box retailers, home-goods suppliers, as well as arts and crafts.

Flip charts come in all forms as well as thicknesses, such as 0.020 rigid PVC, 0.030 HIPS, 0.040 HIPS, 0.060 HIPS, 3mm and 6mm expanded PVC. It all depends on the application. With clean grid lines and a seamless page turn effect, flip charts are a great way to say or show a lot of information when space is at a premium.

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