Decals are customizable graphics printed on a thin plastic adhesive backed film, typically PVC vinyl. This material has adhesive on the backside, giving decals widespread versatility and easy installation. They don’t need a fixture, sign post or other hardware, as they stick to a variety of surfaces, making them ideal signage for:

  • Mounting on a storefront window glass to grab attention and promote the brand.
  • Amending existing signage to reflect new information.
  • Decorating cabinets, store fixtures or display components in the field.  
  • Advertising on walls or floors of stores without affecting the store layout.  
  • Raising product or brand awareness on hardware like laptops.
  • Marking luggage or other containers with disclaimers or information.
  • Highlighting the fins or wings of an airplane with promotional material.
  • Showcasing brands on machinery equipment, as well as displaying safety labels or instructions.
  • Easily attachable and removable general signage.
  • Sticking to metal, typically seen in graphics ranging from bumper stickers to corporate racing sponsorships.

What makes decals great is that they are versatile and can be built to best suit your custom application. NGS Printing can build your decal with over-laminate films that provide additional protection, thickness, texture and finish.  In addition, decals can be built with different adhesives to make them bond better to surfaces ranging from windows, concrete, to wood.  While decals are usually made with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, NGS Printing provides lower tack adhesive options also which offers easy removal and flexibility for non-permanent applications. In addition, decals can be customized for your application ranging from:

  • Clear or White base material
  • 1st or 2nd Surface printed
  • Light blocking (translucent or opaque)
  • Permanent or Removable adhesives
  • Die cut (Kiss/Plotter Cut or Thru-Cut)
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Gloss or Embossed adhesives
  • 0.004” to 0.040” thicknesses
  • Rigid or Flexible

Decals can be specifically designed for a variety of environments, including indoor and outdoor usage. Fully customizable, decals can be die cut to specific shapes and even combined with other pieces to create larger signage.

A unique form of decals, called rub-on decals or die-cut decals, are composed of intricate die-cut shapes/letters, which can be combined together into a larger whole. Each elaborate detail and individual piece is plotter/kiss cut out of a single sheet of material. During the creation process, the waste is removed, leaving only viable signage on a silicone release paper. An hi-tack application tape or pre-mask is then applied over the cut pieces to hold the proper spacing of all the parts in relation to each other during the installation. When applying signage, the graphic should be smoothed out onto a desired surface. The application tape should then be peeled away, leaving the individual kiss-cut pieces on the finished surface.

Decals serve every size company in many industries, promoting general brand and specific products. The versatility of this signage depends on only the overall design process. Smaller decals can display only a word, an image or letter, while larger graphics can convey detailed instructions, brand image or marketing slogan.

As with any signage, decal design is only half the equation, with product quality and construction finalizing the product. Clients looking to create decals for their organizations should choose a partner with a reputation for quality signage creation and years of experience. At NGS Printing, we pride ourselves on our ability to under-promise and over-deliver. Contact us today to design your next decal initiative and take your brand awareness to the next level.

Constructed most commonly using:   Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backed Vinyl, Rigid Vinyl w/ transfer adhesive, Polyester w/ transfer adhesive,
Polystyrene w/ transfer adhesive

Decals are also known as:   Stickers, labels, rub-on decals, kiss-cut decals, die-cut decals, adhesive backed graphics, adhesive backed PVC

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