Counter Cards & Mats

Counter cards and counter mats (also referred to as retail counter mats) are point-of-purchase signs that serve as promotional material for customers during periods of downtime, such as when they’re about to cash out at registers. Coming in a variety of styles and material, counter cards and counter mats are positioned in places where customers – on a more independent level – can easily see them, at point-of-sale desks or checkout counters. At their core, these advertorials serve as marketing tools. The sales process doesn’t end until customers walk out the store doors. The content on counter cards and counter mats can pique the interest of would-be buyers to take interest in something that they may purchase later on or right away.

Counter Cards vs Retail Counter Mats

Although similar and serve the same purpose, counter cards and counter mats are different in composition. Counter cards are self-standing signs through the use of creases, head bends, or an applied easel on the backside. When creased or heat bent, counter cards form an upside down ‘V’ often resembling a tent. These counter cards can be often found at restaurant tables, bar high-tops, or at checkout registers. They are viewed from both sides of the tent which make them nearly impossible to miss. While counter cards are a great tool for advertising, they can also function as educational tools for customers. One example would be new medical treatments at a doctor’s office.

Counter mats, on the other hand, lie flat – such as on purchasing counters or restaurant tables – and usually have a protective clear laminate on top of the graphic. These over-laminates help to preserve counter mats for long-term usage and prevent them from being scratched, tampered with, or marked up when customers come into contact with them. Laminates are also used to ensure that the graphics and images featured in the counter mats remain vivid and eye-catching for the duration of their use.

Counter Card and Counter Mat Uses

Whichever retailers choose, counter cards and counter mats are highly effective marketing tools. Through the use of persuasion and quality printing cause customers to take action, whether by buying goods and services then and there or researching to become more informed consumers.

Here are some of the more common places where counter cards and counter mats are used:

  • Waiting areas: Whether in the doctor’s office, airport terminals, barber shop or beauty parlor, counter cards help to keep customers engaged who are waiting their turns.
  • Restaurant tables: The menu isn’t the only way diners can decide what they’ll have to eat. Mouth-watering images of desserts, appetizers and main courses found on counter cards and counter mats can whet their appetites. Counter cards used here are great for promoting a special deal going on.
  • Bars: The table tent counter cards make it easier to inform bar goers about special drinks, mixers and spirits to kick off their weekends on a taste-tantalizing note.
  • Clothing retailers: When patrons are at the register paying for their goods, counter mats can be a great way to promote signing up for the store credit card or inform them of upcoming sales events for customers to keep in the back of their minds.
  • Information desks: Professionally printed counter cards and mats are quintessential elements for the counters, desks and vestibules people go to for more particulars on events, locations or competitions.
  • Electronics demonstrations: Gaming consoles set up in store that allow customers to try before they buy can be complemented with counter cards, promoting technical specifications and characteristics of the consoles that make them truly state-of-the-art.
  • Trade shows: Presenters at trade shows only have so much time to demonstrate what their products or services can do for passers-by before attendees move on to the next booth. Clever sayings or interesting facts and figures featured on counter cards help to capture short attention spans so salespeople can fill in the details and answer questions.
  • Convenient Stores: Counter mats work great at the checkout counter to get a last second add-on sale where markups are highest.

Just as the uses for counter cards and counter mats run similar gamuts, the materials that make up their constructions are also similar in many ways. From polystyrene to rigid vinyl, cardstock to PVC board, the composition of these marketing tools are quite durable so they’re built to last and be displayed in virtually any setting with a flat surface.

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Constructed most commonly using: Polystyrene, Rigid vinyl, Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, Cardstock

Counter Cards & Mats are also known as: Table Mats, Table Tents

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