Coroplast Signs for Your Business

Coroplast signs are suited for a wide variety of indoor and temporary outdoor signage applications. They feature a lightweight, inexpensive, and 2-side printable solution on corrugated plastic made of polypropylene.

Commonly referred to as “plastic cardboard,” printing on Coroplast is used for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Lawn Yard Signage
  • Campaign Signage
  • Special events
  • Informational signs
  • Directional indicators
  • Menu boards
  • Temporary signage
  • Promotional advertisement
  • Trade Shows

Advantages of Plastic Corrugated Signs

  • Weather Resistant: Coroplast signs can last for multiple years in outdoor areas depending on sun exposure, temperature, orientation, and moisture. They will also withstand the cold months and rainy seasons.
  • Recyclable: Coroplast is made of non-toxic polypropylene which are commonly recycled plastics among communities. Learn more about NGS Printing’s green initiative.
  • Durable: Coroplast signs are shockproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and won’t break down or tear easily.
  • Lightweight: Coroplast is a hollow fluted structure making it very lightweight and rigid.  The perpendicular flutes connecting front and back surfaces run the length of the material creating space and air.  The result is a rigid material perfect for low-cost shipping.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: Coroplast signage offers multiple different display options including wire step-stakes, signage frames, attaching to walls/poles, or hanging from the ceiling.
  • Prints on Two Sides: Coroplast signs are printed on a twin-wall polypropylene sheet that can be viewed from the front and back.

Coroplast Signage Printing Options

NGS Printing can print Coroplast signage as large as 60”x120” in size. When purchasing a Coroplast graphic, NGS Printing also recommends one of these types of mounting hardware:

  • Purchasing a metal H-frame or wire stakes (Step Stake) and slide metal ends into the fluted side profile of the material and anchor the sign in the ground.
  • Using zip ties to attach the sign to a wall, pole or other existing structure.
  • Utilizing double-sided tape as an adhesive.
  • Adding holes into the sign and using suction cups with hooks to hang the graphic.
  • Sliding the sign into a channel frame as an alternative to metal H-frame yard signs
  • Purchasing a cardboard easel or finding some other method of self-support.

Each method brings its own advantages and drawbacks. For organizations seeking blanket local promotion, the metal step stake allows both sides of the Coroplast sign to be visible. However, this method is limited to placing the signage in the ground soil. It’s also important to know that since Coroplast is available in many thicknesses the flute channel size varies and thus H-stakes / Step Stakes are not a 1 size fits all.

Coroplast Sign Printing: Best Practices

To maximize the effectiveness of Coroplast signs, NGS Printing suggests the following:

  • Print on each side of the Coroplast to enhance promotional visibility.
  • Use limited color selection so as not to clutter the image on smaller signs.
  • Reduce word dependency, allow the customer to process the full meaning in seconds.
  • Design a compelling graphic that makes consumers want to keep looking.
  • Make sure the brand logo is clearly visible when applicable.
  • Utilize wire stakes or a sign frame to make the sign’s twin walls clearly visible.

Coroplast signs can last and maintain their quality for as long as 1-2 years outdoors. Coroplast signage does become brittle over time and will begin to crack after long term use.  All forms of printed signage fade over time depending on sun exposure, temperature, orientation, and moisture.

Coroplast signs are greatly suited for outdoor use since they are waterproof and weather resistant. Although close attention should be given to how they are installed as their stability can be affected by strong winds.

Get Custom Coroplast Signs with NGS Printing

NGS Printing has been printing Coroplast graphics for 15+ years which makes them your best option for your next job. NGS Printing can screen print or digitally print at rapid speeds on 1 or 2 sided jobs to meet your tight deadlines!

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Constructed most commonly using: Fluted Polypropylene, Fluted Polyethylene

Coroplast is also known as: Plastic Cardboard, Corrugated Plastic, Fluted Polypropylene, Fluted Plastic

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