Concrete Graphics

(a.k.a. sidewalk signs, outdoor floor graphics, AlumiGraphics®, Asphalt Art® )

Our specially designed concrete graphics are engineered for use on walkways, walls, or stairs made of concrete, brick, or asphalt surfaces.  This unique substrate can have a slip resistant finish to prevent falls when wet or it can have a smooth surface for a glossy look on a wall.  Most importantly, these graphics are designed to be weather resistant and outdoor durable for long useful life.

The advantage of using NGS Printing’s concrete graphics is that they typically stay on difficult to adhere surfaces like asphalt, concrete, pavement, and brick without leaving residue upon removing.  This makes installing and removing easy and professional installers not necessary!

What further differentiates our concrete graphics from indoor floor graphics is the material itself.  NGS Printing uses AlumiGraphics® and Asphalt Art® substrates which are specifically designed for these unique uneven rough surfaces.   Indoor graphics are designed for flat smooth surfaces but asphalt, sidewalks and brick are anything but smooth.  Our concrete graphics are flexible and pliable and match the contour of the applied surface to look as if the graphic was painted on.  Once applied, our printed concrete graphics appear seamless and offers a look that no other material compares.

NGS Printing’s concrete graphics are a great solution for:

  • Race sponsorships
  • Store promotions
  • Expos
  • Directions
  • Decor

If our concrete graphics appeal to you, give us a call to learn more.  NGS Printing has been printing graphics and signage for brands and retailers for over 60 years.  We promise to always use the best combination of industry leading experience and highest quality digital UV flat bed printers in the market to exceed your expectations.

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