Concrete Graphics

Concrete Graphics are unique floor decals that adhere to various types of floor surfaces such as concrete, brick, or asphalt. These graphics use special adhesives and base films that adhere and conform to the rough surfaces looking as though the image was painted on.

One of the best times to grab potential customers’ attention is when they’re approaching your business. Concrete graphics can serve as just the solution. From fashion retailers to fast food restaurants, businesses of all kinds have successfully leveraged concrete graphics to improve branding by accessing an often underutilized territory for signage: the ground.

Outdoor solid surfaces – both rough or smooth – such as asphalt, blacktop, brick, brick veneer, concrete and more are compatible with NGS Printing’s concrete graphics. We use Alumigraphics® and Asphalt Art® to compensate for uneven, pitted exteriors. For walkways, concourses, walking paths, warehouse floors, sidewalks and staircases, our AlumiGraphics® substrate is widely considered to be among the most reliable substrates for visually appealing quality and hardscrabble dependability.  

The materials we use for rough exterior applications are slip resistant and designed for heavy foot traffic. Alumigraphics® is particularly unique because it is built with an aluminum construction that allows the material to conform to the uneven surfaces to which it is applied (similar to aluminum foil). This makes it look as if the signage is painted on!   

Where you’re likely to find this type of signage

Unsure if it’s for you? Here are a few situations in which concrete graphics are often employed with aplomb:

  • Doorbuster sales events: From BOGO to Black Friday, retailers devote plenty of resources to advertise discount days. Concrete graphics can more effectively communicate sales events through custom messaging and brand building.
  • Grand opening: Is your business re-opening or launching for the first time? Sidewalk signs can serve as an added reminder in bustling cities where everyone is on the move.
  • Special occasions: Municipalities and government entities inform locals of parades, anniversary celebrations and other community gatherings through custom-made concrete graphics.
  • Product promotions: Concrete graphics can help you push a product that’s been slow to sell, reminding clients of the name or satisfaction guarantee.
  • Slogans: Clever taglines and witty catchphrases are a reliable method of reminding current or would-be buyers about what your company can do for them. Concrete graphics are a subtle way to repeat what’s been said before so the slogan sticks.
  • Direction: From “This way to savings” to “Cash only” directives, outdoor floor graphics provide customers, riders, pedestrians and window shoppers with clarity about where to go or what line to join.
  • Races: On your marks, get set, go! Whether it’s custom-designing the starting point or stylizing the finish line, organizations leverage concrete graphics to add flare and creativity to marathons, 10ks, cycling competitions and other races.

Effortless removal

Aside from the impressive visual appeal, concrete graphics are highly practical. They’re easily removable and won’t leave any residue behind. They require just peeling up an edge and slowly removing the graphic. Be careful, however, to not accidentally pull an edge when snow shoveling or power washing. Additionally, concrete graphics are slip-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about customers potentially injuring themselves when walking over them.

With a wide variety of applications, concrete graphics are just the thing to send the message that draws eyes. And NGS Printing is the company that can craft them better than anyone else. With over 60 years in the business, NGS has the state-of-the-art equipment and customized process that has established us as a leader in the screen printing and digital graphics arena. Don’t just take our word for it. At NGS, we let our results do the talking.

Let us prove it to you by choosing NGS Printing for your next signage project.

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