Aisle violators, also known as blade signs, are an especially eye-catching form of retail signage. This promotional signage typically mounts to the shelf upright and juts out perpendicular from the aisle shelf, grabbing the customers’ attention as they approach. Aisle violators are printed on both sides of the material to allow the shoppers to view the graphic no matter which direction they approach from. Aisle violators are most commonly made from rigid and durable materials like polystyrene or expanded PVC (Sintra® or Komatex®) however they can also be crafted using foam board, paper cardstock and PETG plastic. These materials are rigid and made custom to suit the purpose of the advertisement.

Aisle Violator and Blade Sign Uses

Retailers can use double sided violators for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Promoting a sale
  • Signaling the arrival of a new item
  • Differentiating item variety
  • Highlighting a clearance
  • Suggesting ideal store foot traffic
  • Alerting shoppers on store assistance
  • Detailing store policy
  • Providing navigation instructions
  • Bringing attention to a product category

Store owners looking for extra durable signage are advised to have your aisle violator made of plastic instead of a paper-based material like cardstock, foamboard, or cardboard because papers can tear, bend, and be easily damaged. Aisle violators are part of complete in-store advertising. This shelf signage can be custom cut to interesting shapes to grab attention and printed with spot colors or 4-color process. Recommended signage width is no more than 12 inches maximum.

Custom Blade Signs From NGS Printing

NGS Printing is an ideal printing partner for any kind of aisle violator job. We have extensive experience producing high quality double sided graphics printed both via screen printing or digital printing, and we believe our commitment to professional standards sets us above our competition. Our combination of large format screen printing and high resolution digital printing equipment give more flexibility in size and quantities without losing out on the professional grade of the product.

Constructed most commonly using: Polystyrene, Paper Cardstock, Rigid PVC Vinyl, PETG
Expanded PVC (Komatex, Sintra, etc.)

Aisle Violators are also known as: Blade Sign

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