When it comes to navigating your store’s aisles, there are three kinds of customers:

  • Those who know what they want and how to get there.
  • Those who know what they need but aren’t sure about its location.
  • Those who aren’t clear about either.

Aisle markers provide patrons with direction and inspiration.

Aisle Markers for Better Retail Experience

Used in a wide variety of retail environments, such as convenience stores and supermarkets, store aisle signs are placards specifically designed to help customers more easily track down the products that line your store’s shelves. Whether through colorful designs, product category, or alphabetization, aisle markers are strategically placed so they can be viewed throughout the store.

Aisle markers, also called hanging aisle signs, are often found hanging directly over the aisles they specify. They are usually hung from the ceiling or attached with hardware to shelves and positioned in an vertical direction. Aisle markers are always printed double sided to make locating product categories possible from any direction. CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid are a few of the convenience stores that make regular use of aisle markers. They provide visual guidance and extra pieces of information that can come in handy during the shopping process and specify particularly popular products with consumers, like bread, office supplies, over-the-counter medicines or holiday-themed decor. Without displaying aisle marker signs, customers get frustrated looking for the items they’re seeking among the multiple aisles and thousands of different products.

Common Aisle Marker & Hanging Aisle Sign Materials

Aisle markers are manufactured from a wide assortment of rigid materials. These include foamboard, polystyrene, or expanded PVC, such as Komatex, Sintra and Celtec. Additionally, many aisle markers have slotted channels fixed to the face for the versatility of sliding in the different categories of products featured in that particular aisle. These channel strips can be made of polystyrene, rigid PVC, or cardstock.

Expanded PVC is commonly used because it is injected with air which makes it lighter weight and the material is more durable than Ultraboard or foam board options and has a superior stylized side profile.

Custom Store Aisle Signs From NGS Printing

No matter how many categories or products offered, aisle markers can be your customers’ navigation guide around the store alleviating customer stress. NGS Printing produces wide-format aisle signage to decorate stores across the nation using the industry’s leading UV flatbed screen and digital printing equipment.

Constructed most commonly using: Polystyrene, foamboard, Ultraboard, Paper Cardstock, Rigid PVC Vinyl,
Expanded PVC (Komatex, Sintra, etc.)

Aisle signs are also known as: Hanging Aisle Signs, Category signs, Store Aisle Signs, Hanging Retail Aisle Signs

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