Printing on PVC Materials

Polyvinyl Chloride, better known as PVC, is a material with seemingly endless uses. PVC is only one of numerous varieties of plastic but among the most popular utilized in all industries. PVC has also found its way into the printing industry, and NGS Printing is a trusted screen and digital printer on PVC materials. In combination with advanced technology and modern printing equipment, NGS Printing can help print any design on PVC.

Different forms of PVC materials

PVC comes in many different forms ready for print from flexible to rigid.

  • Flexible PVC – Decals are commonly made from thin flexible PVC vinyl that measures approximately 0.004 (4 mil) thickness. With an adhesive applied to the backside, PVC makes a durable long-lasting decal and is an easily printable material.  Flexible PVC is easily die-cut to custom shapes.
  • Expanded Foam PVC – When injected with air during extrusion of the sheets, the PVC inflates creating thickness and rigidity without using extra material. Expanded foam PVC is a preferred material for flat board signage across the retail industry because it is inexpensive, durable, easy to fabricate, and looks great.  Expanded PVC is sometimes called Kommatex or Sintra as a tradename and is often used for endcaps, display panels, header signs, aisle violators, or aisle markers
  • Rigid PVC – At NGS Printing we use thin gauges of rigid PVC (0.010”, 0.015”, 0.020”) frequently for small format applications like channel strips, shelf talkers, counter cards, and rigid decals. Rigid PVC is the best balance of economical, durable plastic, and printability for thin gauge applications.

Screen Printing on PVC Materials

Screen printing on PVC material offers an efficient method to print colors on large jobs.  Expanded PVC is available in white but also in other colors like black. At NGS Printing, we can utilize our screen printing equipment to add a prime white under any other colors.  Screen printing is also capable of printing custom spot colors for matching a precise PMS swatch. The key characteristics of screen printing are:

  • Color – Screen printing on PVC offers a wide array of customizable features, and color is one thing NGS can experiment with. Feel free to ask NGS about blending different colors and tones to get a unique color. Because digital printing uses only cyan, magenta, yellow, and black pigments, its variety is more limited.
  • Longevity – If there is a need for a design to last years and years, then screen printing is the right choice. Namely, NGS can lay down more ink with this method than by using an inkjet. Additionally, screen printing allows adding certain ink additives to create a mixture for a specific purpose. For example, some users ask for softening or hardening additives to make the design more flexible when bent. Moreover, there are stronger pigments that can be added to resist UV rays.

Digital Printing on PVC Sheet

Another popular printing method on PVC is digital printing. With its impeccable accuracy, design, and finish, digital printing will make any custom graphic design even better and bring it to perfection.

The outcome of digital printing on PVC is efficient, versatile, and cost-effective. Digital printing on PVC sheets can have various uses ranging from retail signage, promotional materials, and outdoor signage. Most commonly, digital printing is a great print process for short-run graphics, projects with many different versions, or high-resolution demands. Here are some of the essential features of digital printing:

  • Efficiency – Digital printing is quick! Most of the work is related to creating the design, but when that’s finished, digital printing takes very little time. Besides that, the finished products are ready for immediate use.
  • Customization – With the help of advanced technology, it’s possible to do almost anything with a design, and NGS will make any idea come to life. For a simple way to execute a complex idea, then digital printing on PVC with NGS is the best choice.
  • Durability – Digital printing is the perfect solution for any projects that have an outdoor purpose. Its durable and waterproof design will protect the print from harsh weather conditions.


When all is said and done, both screen and digital printing on PVC come with their own set of unique properties. Because they differ from each other in the process, outcome, and use, the best solution is to determine what type of design is needed and the potential use of the finished product before making a decision.

When choosing a partner to help screen print and digital inkjet print on PVC, trust NGS Printing. We have 60 years of experience and we are constantly upgrading our printing technology to keep pace with the latest trends and innovations. This has allowed us to expand our capabilities in printing with high precision and color quality, taking full advantage of digital printing technology and the advantages that screen printing offers for your next project.

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