SBS Cardstock Paperboard

As the temporary retail signage market increases, print buyers are looking for economical options to display their signage.  SBS Paperboard cardstock is a high quality, and affordable option for short-term retail signage applications and is also found frequently in consumer packaging.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into SBS Cardstock Paper, where we’ll define what it is, why print buyers choose to use it, and why it should be your material of choice.

What Is SBS Cardstock Paperboard?

SBS cardstock paper is a thick paper-based material made of recycled bleached pulp. This medium-density paperboard is a virgin fiber grade and is frequently referred to as SBS because it stands for solid bleached sulfate. Raw uncoated SBS is used for un-printed uses but for print and packaging applications, the paperboard is top coated on one side (C1S) or both sides (C2S) creating a smooth surface that resists bleeding.  

SBS cardstock is used around the world in consumer packaging boxes, fine arts, and graphic signage.  It is generally available in thicknesses / weights of 0.010, 0.012, 0.018, 0.024, 0.036, 0.050, 0.060, 0.072, and 0.100.   It is a great option for interior use and short-term projects requiring die-cutting, creasing, foil stamping.  Some of the main advantages of SBS cardstock paperboard include that it has good compression strength, is highly recyclable, great at accepting most types of inks, cuts and creases easily, and is cost-effective to white plastic alternatives.   

Printing on SBS Cardstock Paperboard 

Creating visually attractive and captivating graphics for retail displays or signage always starts with choosing the right material.   SBS cardstock uses a bleached pulp that makes the white point of the paper ideal for four-color process printing.  The material is also top-coated to accept inks without bleeding as well as increase the durability of the print itself.  

Top-coated SBS cardstock is a versatile material and is commonly printed on using offset lithography, screen printing, digital inkjet printing, or digital laser printing.  Being top-coated, the surface is very smooth and holds inks well, while also making it ideal for high-speed printing presses.  At NGS Printing, we offer UV digital inkjet printing and UV screen printing for a variety of materials including SBS cardstock paperboard.  

UV Digital Inkjet Printing on SBS Cardstock Paperboard

The digital inkjet printing method is done with computer-controlled print-heads that jet out microscopic ink droplets onto a paper in perfect unison with other print heads simultaneously.  Billions of droplets can flood a large graphic image that when seen from a distance, creates a beautiful image.   

At NGS Printing, we use industry-leading UV-cured digital inkjet printing equipment featuring better color using an expanded color gamut, higher resolution with industry-leading picolitre droplet sizes, and high production speeds capable of printing 7,400 square feet per hour.   We here at NGS printing take special care of all of our work, which is why we only use the latest and greatest that printing technology has to offer. 

SBS cardstock is among the easiest materials to print on, which makes the real difference between choosing a vendor for printing on cardstock is the equipment they use and the artwork you provide.   

UV Screen Printing on Cardstock Paper 

Screen printing is a simple and ancient printing method that involves pushing ink through mesh screens onto a paper below.   The mesh screen has certain areas blocked out acting as a filter and allowing ink to pass in only designated places.   Over the past 25 years, screen printing has made some amazing advancements to improve quality, durability,  and efficiency ranging from digital screen making and UV ink curing.  

Customization is what really makes screen printing unique over other methods.   Special ink mixtures are common which may include different curing methods, additives, custom colors, or even special finishes.  Brands that have particular Pantone® colors or simple 1-3 color projects should consider it for their next print project.   

At NGS Printing, we frequently see screen printing used for spot color PMS projects or flood-coat uses such as adding a clear coat, a flood coat of white, or a particular Pantone® color.   NGS offers UV-cured screen printing and uses digital screen-making technologies to help cut costs and provide savings to our clients.  We offer (2) 6-color screen presses and (2) single-color presses in addition to our digital printing equipment.   This versatility allows us to find and offer the best solution for our clients.   

Why Should You Use Cardstock Paper?

Whether you’re a retail print buyer or an individual brand looking to bring their marketing to another level, you’ll find that SBS Cardstock paperboard might be the ideal printing material for a short-term application.  While it’s still a paper and vulnerable to damage, moisture, and humidity, there are some good reasons to consider it for your next indoor graphic application.

Affordability – Cardstock is a very affordable material and usually can be purchased for less than any comparable thickness plastic alternative.  

Recyclable – As people and brands are looking for more sustainable options, SBS cardstock uses recycled pulp and is recyclable after use.

Thickness –Cardstock is most commonly available at thicknesses ranging from 8pt to 48pt. 

Quality – In combination with industry-leading UV printing using the Onset X, NGS offers the highest quality cardstock prints on the market. 

Ink Acceptance – Coated SBS cardstock accepts UV inks very well minimizing blurred edges or smearing.  The ink adhesion and acceptance make resolution great from slow to high-speed using a wide range of printing methods. 

Finishing – Cardstock paper has good compression and density characteristics making it the best available material for creasing and embossing projects.  It also die-cuts with ease which further helps reduce overall printing costs. 

In Conclusion

Cardstock is one of the best options for short-term indoor projects such as posters, header signs, or shelf strips.  If you’re looking for a print partner that can offer a variety of solutions to your projects and is G7 Master qualified to back it up, you should consider looking at what we here at NGS printing have to offer.

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