What’s the difference between a vendor and a partner? Vendors get the job done, but they keep your company at a distance. To them, your printing project is the latest in a series of jobs they have to complete by a certain deadline. Sometimes, that means keeping you out of the decision-making process, cutting back on materials, or delivering a substandard product.

On the other hand, a partner wants to bring you more than nice-looking POP graphics. Partners work to understand your business’s unique needs and deliver products that are tailored to your specific needs. Seek a partner, not a vendor, when looking for a printing company.

A partner goes above and beyond
Vendors bombard customers with technical specifications about their equipment and printing process, hoping to entice people into a contract by putting details before substance. But you need more than a company with the latest machines – you need a comprehensive service that helps you from start to finish. A true printing partner is ready and able to help you in any way necessary, whether that’s drafting a timeline, revising your artwork, or assigning a manager to oversee the entire project.

“A good partner won’t hijack your customer base.”

A partner sees your success as their success
Display manufacturers need a graphics supplier that prints the images they need without stepping on their toes. Yet many printing companies attempt to diversify by creating displays themselves, putting them in direct competition with their customers. A good partner provides the printing services you need without adding extras that hijack your customer base.

A partner supports your initiatives
According to research from Nielsen, the number of consumers who would pay more for products from sustainable companies is on the rise, up from 50 percent in 2013 to reach 66 percent in 2015. This rising trend-led many companies to adopt green initiatives, keeping their business practices in line with consumer demands. A good printing partner supports these environmentally-friendly goals by reducing its own carbon footprint, helping your business remain true to its sustainability campaigns and saving you money in the long term.

A partner becomes a part of your business
Partners don’t settle in once the job is done. Their goal is to be the printing service you rely on for all your graphics needs, relieving you of the hassle of finding a new company the next time you need a digital or screen printing job. By choosing a partner over a vendor, you start a long-lasting business relationship with a company that works with you, not apart from you.

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