Every display is a reflection of the brand it is designed to represent. Retailers and brands rely on colors, gradients, images and fonts to create eye-catching graphic displays that attract customers. By prioritizing quality at the outset, you can make certain your business receives a great product and avoids the expensive delays that result from a poor job.

The cost of poor quality
When considering a large format digital printing project, it’s tempting to choose a vendor that provides the cheapest service. After all, cost is an incredibly important factor, and a large number of POP displays increases expenses. However, evaluating a printing service on cost alone ignores one crucial element of decision-making: the cost of poor quality (COPQ). The COPQ describes the additional expenses your business incurs when a job isn’t completed up to par. Such costs include the time and money required to re-print displays, the loss of confidence from your client, the effort necessary to correct a design error and other potential problems. The American Society for Quality broke the concept into four categories, the two most notable of which are internal and external failure costs.

Internal failure costs are the additional expenses your business suffers if it catches a bad printing job before displays are shipped to stores. The flaw could be the printer’s ink not accurately matching graphics or logos, or odd color transitions, blurred lines or even poor cutting. Regardless, this means your business has to wait even longer for the final product, setting plans back days or weeks and increasing expenses.

“POP signage encourages impulse buys.”

External failure costs arise when a business sends a poor printing job out to stores. Imagine the effect a poor quality display has on customers. In an age of omnichannel marketing, where every aspect of a business is designed to improve the customer experience, a bad display fails your company at a crucial step. According to Shopify, POP signage is one of the most effective methods for encouraging impulse buys. The display graphic is the last thing customers see before committing to purchasing your product, and a bad one will negatively affect their opinion of your brand. These mistakes can have far-reaching consequences, such as a retailer refusing to work with a display provider due to poor quality.

Why you should put quality first
By prioritizing quality in your printing projects, you can eliminate these issues at the outset. You can rest assured the product you receive not only exceeds your expectations but also satisfies the needs of your customers, whether they’re retail stores or individual shoppers.

In your search for a large format digital and screen printing provider, you want a business that puts quality first. Your printing partner should understand that the quality of the graphics is a direct reflection of the brand and should have the experience, market knowledge and capital investments to provide everything required.