Every business has to walk the delicate balance of remaining true to its roots – providing the same products and services they’re known for – while simultaneously embracing change. Change can come in a variety of forms, be it in the items you sell, the flow and format of your store or the expectations of your employees. Frequently, it’s the visual elements that tend to get the most notice.

If you’re considering an in-store makeover, you may want to include your signage as one of the elements that could use a good pick-me-up. In doing so, it just might enable you to stimulate stronger sales.

How can signage help produce more dollar signs for your bottom line? It’s not too far-fetched a notion when you stop to think about it. After all, advertising is utilized to stimulate sales and there’s no more straightforward advertising means than signage.

The numbers back up this assertion. In a study done by FedEx, more than three-quarters of respondents acknowledged having visited a store that they’d never been in previously based solely on its signs. Additionally 7 in 10 said they wound up buying a product or service after first seeing a sign that attracted them to the establishment.

The Sign Research Foundation has come to similar conclusions on the value – quite literally – of high-quality signage. Indeed, it found in its report Economic Value of Signage that 60 percent of businesses witnessed a sales surge of 10 percent or more after updating their retail signage.

Could your point-of-purchase displays use a facelift? Odds are they could, and freshening them up a bit can help your business garner the attention it deserves, turning passersby into those who enter and buy.

NGS Printing has the knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art digital printing services to make your signage sing – whether for banners and printed panels, window clings and hanging signs. The process we’ve perfected provides the visual impact that grabs customers’ attention and won’t let go. Contact us and we’ll show you what we mean.