Here at NGS Printing, our results go beyond the ink, as we develop eye-catching signage that truly delivers. But our employees go above and beyond as well, fiercely loyal to their craft, our customers, and our company’s mission.

Employee loyalty is hard to come by in America these days as the average employee tenure was reportedly only 4.2 years in 2018. It’s sad to think about events that transpired over the past decades that may have lead employees and employers to put so little value on loyalty. Whether that low tenure number was caused by repeated layoffs hitting the news and companies treating employees as just a number and replaceable, or whether it could be partially a generational shift of attitude and perspective, the reasons don’t matter as much as the results do; this lack of loyalty impacts businesses, families and the quality of goods served.

All this being said, you may be wondering what employee loyalty has to do with NGS Printing. Or more specifically, what it has to do with you as a loyal NGS Printing customer.

In a word: everything.

“Our employees have been with the company for an average of 13.4 years.”

By it’s nature, the printing industry has a lot of turnover, inexperience, and low-cost temporary workers throughout the factory floors. However, at NGS Printing, our employees have been with the company for an average of 13.4 years (three times the national average) and have nearly 20 years of experience in the printing industry overall (approximately five times the national average)!

We couldn’t be more pleased by this fact; we love our team. But the loyalty that they show is particularly beneficial to our customers. Here are a few reasons why:

Higher quality
NGS Printing prides itself on having a highly experienced staff because we want our employees spending time on what’s important – your work! So instead of spending time learning how to operate certain presses or figuring out how to troubleshoot through an issue, they can devote their energies to inspection, efficient production, and validating their work.  Everything NGS Printing makes is custom designed by our customers and printed on a variety of substrates ranging from expanded PVC, polystyrene, to acrylic. This kind of customization and range of materials requires experience to ensure the made-to-order aisle markers, banners, point of purchase graphic panels and window clings meet the expectations of the client.

Lower lead times
One of the benefits of being a customer with NGS Printing is our commitment to quality served fast. All projects take time, but attention to detail and speed aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Due to our staff being so loyal, it has given us the advantage of time with our employees and has allowed us to cross train them across our organization. From the factory floor to within the office, our staff is fully equipped to handle all of our signature services and this significantly cuts lead times for our customers. In short, you’ll experience results a great deal faster than you would if our staff was specialized in only certain functions.

More engagement
Name the profession, and you can’t help but notice when people truly enjoy what they do. All too often, Americans don’t view their occupation as a career, but only as a job and sometimes temporary. That’s not the case at NGS Printing. Our team is fully engaged in our process. They know NGS Printing’s processes work because not only have they seen them in action, they also were involved in putting the procedures in place.

Greater conscientiousness
People, by their very nature, tend to be creatures of habit. Once they find a particular product or service that fires on all cylinders, they go with it from there on. Much of NGS Printing’s clientele is largely made up of repeat customers. They’ve seen what we can do up close and personal thanks to our employees’ attention to detail. The same holds true for NGS Printing. In other words, because our customers keep coming back to us, our employees know what it is they want because they’ve worked with them before and they understand their expectations. This allows NGS Printing to be more conscientious about customization.

The loyalty from our employees has also built a family-like environment where co-workers enjoy working with one another and value the company they work for. They don’t view it as just a job but a career and they want the company to succeed. This explains why quality, attention to detail, and service isn’t something that is preached at NGS – it is practiced by the entire organization.

Trust NGS Printing to handle all of your point of purchase and retail signage needs. You can count on us to come through in the clutch.