For store owners and vendors wishing for an economical short term signage solution that can be used inside or outside, Coroplast signs possess significant advantages over other options. This is due to their composition. Coroplast material are made from polypropylene and is also commonly referred to as ‘plastic cardboard’ or ‘fluted plastic.’ Despite not being paper, the substance is fully printable, allowing for compelling signage to be created on both sides.

Coroplast signs are highly effective while remaining cost efficient and easy to carry. Best suited for short term use, expect these graphics to play an increased role in 2018. This is in part to the changing nature of retail locations, a robust housing market and a swath of political midterm elections.

Increasing focus on in-store special events
Retail stores are changing. E-commerce continues to put pressure on brick-and-mortar locations to innovate. A recent Intel white paper stressed the need for physical retail locations to grow beyond being mere stores. This includes a new focus on in-store entertainment and special promotions to highlight new items. Coroplast signage represents an efficient way of informing the public to these changing attractions.

Coroplast’s unique cardboard like fluted construction makes the material thick in dimension but ultra light weight.  The exposed flutes seen from the side profile are sometimes considered unsightly and are usually hidden from view when possible but for yard signage applications the flutes can be very functional.  Store owners can place a step stake into the fluted side of the Coroplast material and then mount the sign into the ground, making it a self standing yard sign without any expensive construction.  These yard signs are great to promote a temporary sale, announce a special new product, or bring awareness.

The 2018 housing market
While experts remain divided on the potential state of the 2018 real estate market as a whole, there is reason to believe the number of homes on sale will continue to increase. As The Street noted, a strong economy is cause for celebration in the housing market.

Metin Akyol, an economist with Zacks Investment Management, stated that wage growth will spur most of the movement, saying that, “This will be the largest driver behind the housing market in 2018 and will provide support for the ongoing increase in new home sales and existing home sales.”

Coroplast signs continue to function as a reliable method to advertise home sales, open houses and other real estate opportunities.

Real estate coroplast signs instantly tell passers by which houses are currently on the market.
Real estate coroplast signs instantly tell passers by which houses are currently on the market.

Midterm political elections
This upcoming year also marks the occurrence of U.S. political elections. Known as the midterms, these elections will encompass all 435 seats in the U.S. Congress and 33 out of the 100 in the Senate. While election tactics are changing, coroplast lawn signage remains prevalent. This is due in part to its affordability. Purchasers feel that they are making a statement without having to break the bank.

Typically midterms are not as big as presidential elections, the 2018 midterms are shaping up to be an exception. Open Secrets reported a large spending increase in PACs and other election-funding resources, signaling that these elections will be competitive and take center stage through several months in the year.

These factors combined spell a strong year for coroplast signage. While it may not be technologically advanced, these lawn and store graphics are still thought and foot traffic drivers. That said, quality always matters – especially when trying to convince the consumer. Organizations looking to develop professional coroplast signs should invest with a partner who has years of experience and a reputation for quality signage creation.