Presentation matters when trying to catch client attention. This is true for every industry, regardless of if the organization is hoping to target consumers (B2C) or fellow business clients (B2B). While a great product with the right price tag is a strong start to capturing business, effective graphic displays can go a long way to cementing the deal.

According to research by the University of Cincinnati, over half of companies using some form of on-premise signage saw a sales increase of at least 10 percent. A large part of this is due to increased visibility. When individuals, whether in the consumer space or the business space, see high-quality advertising signage, it helps influence their decisions.

Of course, it isn’t a one-to-one equation. Signage doesn’t automatically mean increased anything. For companies to optimize their signage usage (in any regard), it pays to partner with a qualified, dedicated printer with a reputation for delivering a consistent product in a timely fashion.

Grabbing attention in the B2C space
For those in the retail space, grabbing and holding customer attention is a priority. Colorful and high quality resolution signage at the point of purchase can positively affect a consumer’s spending decision. For this point in the customer journey, translite graphics are preferable. Translites are illuminated from behind by a permanent light source, making content printed on the material easy to see and read in any interior environment. This added light brings the image into sharper focus, making it more likely to register with the consumer. It is for this reason that many fast food restaurants use this signage to highlight their menus.

For indoor navigation, banners can help inform consumers where items are located. Positioned conveniently above shelves, a banner or aisle marker can always be easily seen from a distance and helps alleviate customer frustration, provided the ceiling is high enough.

In addition, yard signs can help spread consumer awareness of brand and products. Yard signs are designed to be inexpensive, temporary, and easy, making them excellent short-term outdoor signage. Retailers can place these graphic displays outside of their stores to highlight sales, events and other promotions.

External signage can guide shopper attention to the retail location.
External signage can guide shopper attention to the retail location.

Appealing to new clients with effective B2B signage
In the B2B world, expectations are different. Quality is paramount. While a yard sign may help a B2C industry, it may give the wrong impression for organizations hoping to wow their clients. In this atmosphere, subtlety is valued. However, clarity must always be maintained.

Floor graphics are a versatile form of indoor signage that can work well in the B2B space. Many industries already use them at trade shows and other venues to highlight participant locations and guide foot traffic. However, floor graphics can be useful on-premise as well to showcase logos while optimizing indoor employee movement.

Window graphics are also valuable. For many organizations, visibility is paramount. When clients and potential partners visit, they need to know where to go right away. Window graphics can highlight an otherwise vacant space with logo and any key branding the company wishes to immediately communicate with the outside world. Window graphics represent an optimization of space that businesses rarely pursue.

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