When repeat or first-time customers come to your store, they usually have a particular product or service in mind. There are many ways of guiding them to wherever it's located, whether through aisle markers, standees or shelf talkers and many others.

How do you go about grabbing a customer's attention so they walk out of the store with more than what they initially intended to buy? Look no further than point-of-purchase displays.

Whether they're placed at the entrance of the store, in highly trafficked aisles or next to the checkout line, POP signs and graphics are ideally installed in prominent portions of the store. Featured in front of, behind or adjacent to the merchandise up for sale, the whole point of point of purchase displays is to turn heads, and provide customers with need-to-know information that helps them understand what makes the product so special.

Yet because there are already many ways to attract eyeballs – like vivid endcaps and colorful channel strips – what difference does it make whether it's a POP display or some other signage selection?

"Businesses that used this marketing material experienced sales that were 20% more than those who did not."

Improve sales with POP displays
According to university researchers, POP displays can really pay off – quite literally. The study, from Brigham Young University, discovered that products paired with high-quality POP displays tend to resonate more with customers than stand-alone merchandise. Specifically, businesses that used this marketing material experienced sales that were 20% greater than those that didn't, as reported by The Balance Small Business. To ensure parity, the items up for sale were the same and located in the same general area of the store. The only difference was the POP display.

Given the potential advantages of POP displays, it's little wonder many organizations are devoting more of their resources to POP marketing material. As the Path to Purchase Institute found, roughly 1 in 4 businesses in 2016 said they would increase their spending on POP signage. Twelve months later, that share rose to slightly more than 26%. Only 14% said their POP display budget would diminish.

Enhance brand recognition
POP graphics aren't solely about sales. They're also designed to increase brand recognition. As the Path to Purchase Institute study showed, nearly 27% of respondents said brand building was the main reason why they took advantage of POP displays. Similar to how political signs play a role in voter behavior at the ballot box, POP displays can help get the word out about your company or a brand new product, which can help would-be customers cast their "vote" with their purchase at the checkout counter.

Speaking of which, the checkout counter at any store is one of the best places to position POP displays. Impulse buying is a very real phenomenon and by parking POP signage and merchandise near cash registers, you can remind buyers about merchandise they've been meaning to pick up or apprise them of a purchase that they'll want to add to their shopping cart the next time they swing by.

POP signage and graphics are among our specialties here at NGS Printing. Can we guarantee that you'll see a surge in sales as a result of using them for your next sales event? Obviously not. Much of this depends on what you're selling, the time of year and your target audience.

What we can promise is a POP display that not only gets attention – but demands it. Contact us to see what we mean; we'll let our graphics do the talking.