Whether it’s customized screen printing and digital printing services to product deliverables that almost literally stretch from A to Z – NGS Printing delivers results that truly go beyond the ink.

But it isn’t just in our creations that we seek to exceed our customers’ expectations. We also have a host of outside-the-box capabilities, such as order fulfillment, that will help minimize damage, handling and shipping costs of your graphics.

What is order fulfillment?
By this we mean NGS offers a variety of signature services that enable you to obtain signage in truly mint condition. Order fulfillment is something we’ve done since Day 1, which is why so many of our clients are repeat customers:  They know they can get all their signage products created and delivered in one fell swoop.

We understand that every project and need is different. While today’s project will be shipping all of the graphics bulk to one location, next week’s project has an aggressive timeline and needs to ship to the stores directly. You can rely on NGS Printing to custom pack and ship your graphics so they arrive to the destination on time and in one piece. Offering a complete kit packing service is a core phase of the signage creation and development process.After all, no project is truly finished until it gets to you and is precisely as you imagined it, from bold banners to vivid posters to eye-catching shelf talkers.

“Order fulfillment services are designed with the product and the delivery method in mind.”

Of course, kit packing isn’t as simple as sticking signage in a cardboard box, taping it up and hoping for the best. You’d be surprised the cavalier processes with which some of our competitors take kit packing, almost as if it’s an afterthought. Not us. We know that every project is different and we’ll carefully consider all the different ways to package your graphics for maintaining safety and cost. From accurately assessing the different sized graphics and their materials, to determining how the cartons will be handled and opened, our kit packing order fulfillment services are designed with the product and the delivery method in mind. We work with virtually all major parcel carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and LTL. Wherever you are in the country, whether in our home state of Illinois or on the West Coast, we provide the labor, attention to detail and experience that gets your signage packed, sealed and secured in accordance with the product’s – as well as our exacting customers’ – shipping demands.

Here are a few more details about our order fulfillment services:

Custom carton design
As previously noted, we don’t slip a hodge-podge of deliverables into a box and ship them out. Each one is a labor of love and requires a keen understanding of what it takes to arrive at your door in the same shape and appearance as when it left our Elgin, Illinois-based warehouse. Some of our clients have a very specific manner in which they’d like their signage packed and shipped but most rely on our expertise. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that NGS Printing has the tools, resources and proficiency to get the job done right. We use custom made cartons for our kit packing projects that ensure the contents fit perfect in the box and arrive safely.

Custom labeling
Labeling is crucial to identification and organization. Whether your special label requirements need special colors, number sequences, or placement on the carton; they’ll be ready to go. NGS Printing can also help reduce carton handling and shipping costs by carton labeling UPS or FedEx packages according to a distribution list and shipping direct from Elgin, Illinois.

In-house assembly
We aim to do everything in house at NGS Printing. This not only decreases our expenses, but we pass those savings on to our customers. For example, through our in-house assembly services, we get the deliverables situated so that they’re ready to mount, hang or emboss as soon as you open the box. This may include applying magnetic strips to the backs of endcap display panels, or polybagging wobblers so they’re grouped in sets. In short, we help ensure that there’s as little assembly required for our customers if they desire.

Project management
From DollarTree to Chase Bank to Lowe’s and more, many of the companies we’ve provided signage for needed to be sequenced and delivered on scheduled timelines. These campaigns were time-sensitive and needed to reach their varying destinations on the same day as the others. They may also have different sizing needs for the products delivered depending on their location. None of this coordination is a problem at NGS Printing. We know what it takes to execute campaigns so they go off with flying colors – in more ways than one.

The order fulfillment services described are just barely scratching the surface; we can also assist with hardware procurement, light assembly, plastic fabrication, pick-packing and short term storage needs. For these needs and so much more, turn to NGS Printing to get the job done, completed and delivered in a manner that will redefine your expectations. Contact us today to request a quote.