What qualities should you look for when selecting a printing partner? There are a ton of companies that claim to go above and beyond for their customers, but you need one that offers comprehensive services and puts its money where its mouth is. Below are some important details to consider when making a selection:

Great communication skills are essential for any business relationship. As Printing Impressions pointed out, proactive contact is critical for time-sensitive projects. The slightest issue could cause a delay, and active communication between you and your print service lets you spot and address any potential issues before they threaten deadlines.

Flexible quantities
You know how many graphics you need for your current project, but what about the one a year from now? You might need 1,000 graphics printed one month and only 100 at a future date. By working with a service that has no minimum requirements, you don’t have to worry about meeting a certain number of prints for each project. In fact, a company that offers both screen and digital printing can meet almost any order size.

“Screen printing tackles up to 400 sheets per hour.”

Screen printing is great for large jobs. It’s fast, tackling up to 400 sheets per hour, and the cost of ink helps keep expenses down. Digital printing, on the other hand, requires no screens or tooling and leaves little to no scrap behind, making it perfect for smaller jobs. Plus, because the ink droplets are so small, you get a graphic with great resolution.

Finishing and fulfillment services
A good partner won’t leave you with a job half done. When narrowing your list of prospective printing companies, look for one that provides in-house finishing services like die cutting, router cutting, kiss cutting, lamination, heat bending, assembly, kit packing and fulfillment/distribution capabilities. This way, your graphics arrive ready to hang  or used in your displays. Keeping packaging and distribution within one company saves your business from shipping graphics back and forth between you, your printer and your display manufacturer. What’s more, choosing a local partner – such as one based in the Midwest – reduces shipping costs for graphic kits sent directly to stores.

On that note, your printing partner shouldn’t compete with your business. Many printing companies also make displays, creating a conflict between them and their customers. Choose a service that works with you, not against you.

Experience and reputation
Your printing partner should be an established industry leader with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products for Retailers, Brands and Display Manufacturers. It should also be able to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses, from independent stores to national chains. Business Buzz recommended surveying other customers and viewing a potential printing partner’s previous work before making a final decision.

The quality of your graphics is a direct representation of your company and your brand. Choosing your printing partner should not be based strictly upon price –  a low-quality graphic says a lot about a company. Other factors like industry knowledge and experience, geographic location, job turn times and capacity are equally important to ensure a beautiful final product.