Here at NGS Printing, we have adopted the slogan “Results Beyond the Ink” due in large part to our dedicated staff of printing specialists who have been with our company for an average of over 13 years and in many cases, already came to us with years of experience within the printing industry.

Another core component is the state-of-the-art equipment we use, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our newest addition in the Inca Onset X.  The Inca Onset X is the industry’s most advanced high speed / high quality digital flatbed printer that is a perfect fit for printing on plastics and rigid materials.  You may be wondering, then, what makes the Inca Onset X so special? What can it do that other Agfa, Durst, HP, and Vutek presses cannot?

Here are a few reasons why the Inca Onset X is the gold standard of flatbed wide format digital printers:

“The Inca Onset X can accommodate up to three 63×42 inch sheets at once.”

Years ago, digital printing used to be reserved for samples and short runs.  As technology has improved, digital printers are increasingly used for volume work, which makes investing in speed more important.  Speed means added capacity, shorter lead times, and lower labor. As our customers rightly want and expect their signage to be ready in a prompt fashion, the Inca Onset X makes this possible by delivering the industries highest production rates without sacrificing color or quality.

NGS Printing’s custom configured Inca Onset X can print over 120 sheets (63″x126″) per hour which equates to over 6,600-plus square feet! Achieving these high production speeds is accomplished by using redundant color channels and a full width inkjet array that spans the entire 63″ wide sheet. In particular, our Inca Onset X has two banks of CMYK + Lc + Lm which has redundancy and an expanded color gamut.

In order to become even more efficient, NGS Printing installed an ABB robotic arm to work alongside our Inca Onset X. This robotic arm improves the efficiency of our Onset X press by feeding and removing the press sheets simultaneously, thus reducing the downtime between printing beds.

All digital printers are good at printing on paper based materials and adhesive-backed vinyls.  What separates the Inca Onset X is that it utilizes specially formulated ink developed with FujiFilm for printing on a wide variety of materials, especially plastic.  Many rigid plastics like Coroplast©, acrylic, polycarbonate, expanded PVC (Sintra©, Komatex©), PETG and polystrene are notoriously difficult to print on. These rigid plastics are common throughout the point of purchase display industry and therefore make ink compatibility the top priority for NGS Printing when choosing a printer.

The Inca Onset X, which now measures 63″ x 126″, was preceded by a series of Onsets that formerly had a bed size of 63″ x 123″.The increased Onset X bed size may not seem like a huge difference, but incremental modifications matter, as the Onset X can now accommodate up to three 63″ x 42″ inch sheets at once or a full 63″ x 126″ sheet. Larger sheets offer more opportunity to squeeze parts into a layout or allow larger parts to print than possible before.

Improved performance
Although the speed of state-of-the-art commercial wide format digital printers make projects look easy, there’s nothing simple about it. It requires precision and attention to detail; given the high-resolution colors digital printers are capable of recreating, even microscopic flaws are readily apparent.

The intelligent design of the Onset X makes the successful completion of each job more reliable, thanks to the fixed guided table that goes into and out of the machine for each pass of color. The Onset X has the sheet move instead of the print head. The fixed guided table has been present on all of the Onsets since the beginning and ensures accurate registration. The guided table is even more critical in the P.O.P. display industry when double-sided printing is common and registration on a 126″ long sheet is so critical. The 25-zone vacuum pressure clinches the sheet to diminish wrinkling, masking and keeps the corners straight so they don’t curl up. This ensures that each job – from start to finish – is done right and on point. Any machine that uses conveyors is simply not as accurate as a fixed guided table.

Another key attribute to the Onset X is it has a full 63″ width array of print heads. This full width array is superior to moving heads because it diminishes banding and improves symmetry as well as registration. The combination of these print head performance adjustments allows us to produce a better product for our customers.

Few things matter as much as reliability in the printing industry. Superior functionality is great, but if presses break down time after time, they’re not worth our time. Granted, wear and tear is a fact of the matter, but downtime is not a problem for the Inca, both because the printer is highly durable and has a support network that’s centrally located. With offices in Chicago, Inca service representatives are about an hour’s drive away, so repairs can be fixed with short notice without flying in personnel from other regions or countries. This equates to less downtime.

While the speed of the Onset X is rivaled by only a few presses in the world, the quality of the output by the Onset is by far superior, producing amazing color and crispness compared to rivals.

In addition, we had our Inca Onset X custom configured by adding extra color channels to expand the color gamut beyond the typical CMYK.  With light cyan and light magenta added into the gamut we are able to print better flesh tones and lighter colors that other Onsets and alternative printers can.  We did this to ensure our customers always receive the highest quality products possible using the best combination of technology available in the industry.

There’s a lot to love about the Inca Onset X and here at NGS Printing, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results since we upgraded our Inca Onset Q40i to the Inca Onset X. We’re confident you will be too. Contact us for your next job and we’ll prove it to you.