Brick-and-mortar retailers see online stores as their main competitors, and with good reason. Online sales numbers have exploded. According to ecommerce platform Bigcommerce, 67 percent of millennials and 56 of percent Generation X prefer shopping online. Convenience is a big factor here, but in addition, many enjoy shopping online without having to be inconvenienced by a sales attendant.

This isn’t exactly bad news. In fact, Retail Customer Experience argued this is why self-checkout services are so popular, showing that customers are still willing to shop in stores. Instead of viewing online shopping as their downfall, retailers should view the concept as a learning opportunity. Essentially, convenience and consumer self-sufficiency are key to enhancing the customer experience. Retailers can provide these with traditional displays and graphics that offer the information consumers want. In an age of online shopping, good, informative displays still catch the customer’s eye at the last second.

What makes a good display?

Well-designed posters, POP displays, hanging signs and other in-store graphics all do three things: 

  1. Capture the customer’s attention: Even if the customer enters the store with an item in mind, a good display attracts their attention, possibly starting the process of convincing them to purchase this product.
  2. Suggest a product for purchase: Customers must leave your display knowing what product, not what brand, was advertised. Otherwise, they’ll know of the company by name and color but now how it helps them in their daily lives. True, displays increase brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness, but they should always be designed with these as secondary goals, not primary.
  3. Provide information: Displays either provide a brief summary of the product at hand or show how it improves the customer’s life. This information must be easily understood, not technical data that’s hard to grasp at first glance. 

Keeping these essential details in mind allows brands and retailers to create effective displays that draw customers to stores time and time again.