There’s no mistaking how powerful the right words can be. A great turn of phrase can completely change our emotions. It should come as no surprise, then, that the words you use in marketing are crucial to the success of your campaign. Switching, adding or eliminating just one word can drastically boost conversions, both on and offline. Here are two quick tips

Choose unique, competitive keywords

If you’ve done even a small bit of research into search engine optimization, you know how essential keywords are. It’s important to be strategic with the words you choose. Otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time appearing on the first page of search engine results – prime real estate for any brand.

To provide an example, say you’ve started a new business that creates healthy oatmeal, and your marketing strategy targets people who are willing to pay a premium for organic or fair-trade goods. Simply trying to rank high for the keyword “oatmeal” would be a years-long battle and arguably not worth the marketing effort. A much more effective strategy would be to use the keywords “organic oatmeal,” “fair-trade oatmeal” or something similar.

What’s more, your keyword strategy isn’t limited to online marketing. In fact, using the right keywords in your real-word advertising might strengthen your search engine results page rank over time. According to Moz, if consumers keep searching for a specific keyword and your brand name, Google’s algorithms will theoretically realize that your brand is highly relevant to the keyword itself. Thus, when a consumer searches only for that keyword, Google will show that person your brand as well.

In short, if you apply your keyword strategy to offline branding, you might see positive online results.

Boost your keywords with high-performing phrases

Of course, plastering your POP displays, wall graphics and other products with a few keywords won’t work in a retail setting. You’ll need to pair these words with effective phrases that inspire action in the physical space.
Uberflip, a marketing platform, categorized several high-performing terms into the following sections:

  • Terms that encourage customers to share such as “Discover,” “Find out” or “Help.”
  • Terms that imply power such as “Improve,” “Trust” or “Best.”
  • Terms that imply scarcity such as “Limited offer,” “Only 3 left” or “Today only.”
  • Terms that imply exclusivity such as “Members only,” “Exclusive offers” or “Get it before everybody else.”
  • Terms that imply lack of risk such as “Authentic,” “Guaranteed,” “Lifetime.”

Using your keywords in phrases that adhere to at least one of the above criteria can then have a positive result on your in-store sales.