Every piece of effective signage has a lifespan. Even the most eye-catching end cap signage will lose buyer interest as they see the display multiple times or the technology changes. So when graphics get old, they should be switched out before the consumer no longer “sees” them. There’s data to back this up.

Emergency informational signage is among the most important in any space. It provides consumers with vital information, including emergency exit locations, electrical safety protocols or fire extinguisher location. However, even this signage becomes less visible over time, according to a survey originally published by Fire Safety Science. Researchers discovered that only 38 percent of respondents claimed to have seen static emergency signage, even when presented with an unobstructed view. The people who see the sign are likely to follow it, but signage comprehension is low. However, when designs were switched, the results were improved.

Nearly 80 percent of respondents were suddenly aware of the signage, and all of them followed its instructions. This experiment showcased the value of versatile graphic displays. Companies need to be able to communicate brands, promotions and other data in effective ways. However, the incorrect marketing costs from signage will plummet if stores are switching expensive graphics every few weeks.

Enter printed magnetic graphics, arguably the most versatile physical signage on the market. Magnetic graphics are made to be interchangeable. The material possesses a printable white surface on one side and a black magnetized surface on the other. This construction lets it be easily attached and removed from any receptive metal surface and the task can be done by any store employee, ships easily, and is cost effective. Magnetic graphics are a switchable signage with many promotional uses and, due to their dynamic nature, an increased ability to hold consumer attention.

“Public opinion is always essential when determining brand design.”

Testing branding
According to Decision Analyst, comprehensive product testing is essential in ensuring that an item will sell well upon release. Part of a product is its brand or how its signage presents it to the public. Think of Oreo cookies: Rounded white letters help to deliver the product’s shape and delicious frosting. Now, imagine Oreo graphic displays used dark, jagged and orange lettering. It wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

No matter how skilled a design department is, public opinion is always essential when determining brand design. However, product development can take a while, going through multiple iterations before arriving at the final product. Magnetic graphics allow for this test signage to change easily and cost-efficiently.

This versatility will allow companies to test the effectiveness of different logo designs on customers before making a definitive choice. From the golden arches of McDonalds to the bitten Apple image, brands can provide a vital edge to products and their companies.

Seasonal changes 
Every change of season brings a shift in color palette, wardrobe and image association. Digita Global Services stated that companies can adjust alongside the seasons with profitable results. While brands shouldn’t overhaul completely, mild adjustments can lead to favorable public perception and overall improved consumer awareness.

Using switchable signage can be a cost effective solution for permanent or semi-permanent displays as using woods, acrylics, and quality construction. These materials can be used in conjunction with printable magnetic to give the store a great long term style and look with switchable graphics that can be swapped as often as the temporary cardboard displays that are simply thrown away after the promotion. If store design is important while getting the advantages of changeability then using magnetic signage should be considered. After all, it’s more cost effective to ship a magnetic graphic than a whole cardboard display.

Swapping out store decor can change the mood of the customer and each season brings unique traits and emotions that can be capitalized on through effective, versatile signage.
Swapping out store decor can change the mood of the customer and each season brings unique traits and emotions that can be capitalized on through effective, versatile signage.

Highlighting sales
When people think signage, they often picture in-store sales or promotions. Companies looking to move product are quick to draw consumer attention whenever a sale is happening. Flash sales in particular can garner excitement. These bargains begin one minute and end the next. As such, retailers need a way to change signage quickly.

Rather than hastily rig up coroplast, magnetic graphics can be attached with speed and ease. They are a natural complement to the on-the-fly nature of flash sales.

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