Remember Roy G. Biv? 

This handy acronym was great for memorizing the colors of the rainbow.

Acronyms are still important in the world of color and design.

For instance, RGB and CYMK describe color processes.

These are the ways machines like printers and computers display color.

RGB – red, green and blue – is additive and mostly used in LCD or LED monitors.

CMYK is subtractive and mostly used by printers.

The letters stand for cyan, yellow, magenta and either black or key, people aren’t sure about that one.

Keep in mind that an image designed with RGB settings will look different after emerging from a CMYK printer.

Another important acronym is PMS – Pantone Matching System. 

Developed in the 1960s, the PMS is used to ensure color consistency.

With it, any printer in the world can produce a specific RGB or CMYK shade.