This past Fall, NGS Printing was the first graphic company to acquire the revolutionary Zund D3 digital cutter. NGS’ dedication to obtaining the latest digital printing, screen printing, cutting and finishing tools is part of our mission to provide our customers with the highest-quality screen printing and digital printing services.

The Zund D3 increases production rates by up to 90 percent, using two independent cutting beams simultaneously instead of one. Prior to the D3, machines only had a single cutting tool that would travel around your graphic, creating holes, slots and curved edges where necessary. Now, with multiple cutting heads, we can handle tighter deadlines and higher order quantities – either by handling two graphics at once or a single product at twice the speed. What’s more, the time and money we save are passed on directly to you.

Before the Zund D3 was revealed, we thought the only way to increase our output was to invest in multiple machines. As we told Printing News, we feared there were no more options available. Thankfully, the Zund D3 came at just the right moment.

“When we saw the Zund D3 running with two independent cutting heads working as a team to complete a cutting file, we knew this was the future and nothing else would merit serious consideration,” said Erik Landrowski, our Chief Operating Officer. “The future requires speed, and D3 is just one more tool in our belt to exceed our clients’ ever-growing expectations.”

The Zund D3 is a versatile machine featuring optical registration and is capable of cutting a wide variety of substrates, via router, knife cutting, or creasing. We at NGS are excited to see how the Zund D3 impacts layouts, quotes, throughput and cost savings.