At NGS Printing, we strive for continued excellence every day we are in operation. When clients choose to work with us, we want them to feel like they have partnered with a firm steeped in over 60 years of experience. We consistently look for ways to improve our printing processes and tailor our services to better fit recent technology advancements.

However, we understand that cautious clients may not just want to take our word when it comes to guaranteeing our professional service standard. Printing providers may always be biased toward their own services. That is why NGS Printing is happy to report that, as a company, we have placed in the top ten of the 2018 Top Shop Awards for Wide-Format & Signage.

Data from the Awards committee
In choosing their winners, Printing News gathers a lot of data to objectively judge how wide-format and signage printers rank amongst each other.  Rankings are based on a variety of factors ranging from revenue, capabilities, company size, growth, target market, square footage, outlook, technology, and vision for the future.  The information gathered for this year’s contest paints a robust image of the printing industry. Overall, the average revenue income for the Top Shops of 2018 was $7,504,613. and 21 percent of respondents indicated plans to open a new location before the year ends.

When it came to sales breakdown, retail and POP displays accounted for about 20 percent of all business. Banners and signs were responsible for another 20 percent, while fleet and vehicle graphics brought in roughly 14 percent of sales. Numerous categories, including decor printing, exhibit and trade show graphics, fabric and textile and specialty printing, each of which came out to around 10 percent.

“Print shops hope to better integrate with web solutions.”

Technology and the growing importance of the internet
When asked what an immediate priority was for remaining competitive, businesses answered that they hoped to better integrate with web solutions. Ordering online is the primary method of purchasing for an increasing number of clients and print providers wish to do all in their power to streamline this process and give clients every full advantage that they would have buying in another channel.

Some shops like NGS Printing have even begun integrate automation within their printing and prepress departments using software and robotics. Regardless of how they advance, each top shop is clearly committed to keeping current with technology trends and innovations. Given that NGS Printing made the list at #10 of North America’s top printing shops up from #23 in 2017, is proof that ingenuity is present and a priority.

Looking ahead
While honored, NGS Printing knows that it can’t stay still for even a quarter in this rapidly changing landscape. The keys to continued success include flexibility, a commitment to superior hardware and software and placing customer experience before all else. When clients try NGS Printing, we hope to make them lifetime customers. Contact NGS Printing today to discover just how we earned a top ten of Printing News’ Top Shop Award.