The Pantone Color Institute recently unveiled its Color of the Year. In 2018, Pantone 18-3838  ultra violet won the honors. As highlighted on Pantone’s website, The Color of the Year is intended to be a moment in time to lay down a strategic vision for the world of advertising, marketing and design. Ultra violet replaces 2017’s 15-0343 greenery. In 2018, companies across industries will be rushing to properly utilize the ultra violet trend.

Why ultra violet?
Pantone believes that ultra violet expresses a counterculture movement. The color was chosen as it highlights contemplation, thoughtfulness and a desire to reach beyond. Ultra violet evokes the mysteries of the cosmos – an alluring draw to deeper thoughts and actions. Several prominent artists, particularly recently deceased musicians David Bowie and Prince, have deep associations with purple.

Ultra violet also harkens back to a time of mysticism and ancient spirituality. Its choice makes it seem like Pantone wishes for trend setters to search the past for new insight on the future.

Purple in general as an advertising color
Color has long been central in advertising. An early market report published in the Journal of Management History found a correlation between color and quick decision making. When consumers had immediate thoughts on a product, it was almost always linked with the item’s main color.

Essentially, color has become a crucial cog in brand recognition. Purple in its many shades typically symbolizes regality, creativeness and wisdom. Entrepreneur stated that color choice must match the brand’s intended emotional affect. For instance, ultra violet – or purple to be more general – would be much better matched with a liquor claiming to exquisite than a truck hoping to been seen as rugged.

Purple, particularly sharper purples, are commonly associated with celebrations.
Purple, particularly sharper purples, are commonly associated with celebrations.

Design advice
When working with ultra violet in signage, keep in mind its intended effect. Ultra violet is a very eye-catching color. It will draw attention no matter where it is in the graphic. According to Mansion Global, ultra violet is useful in backgrounds to promote excitement and energy. Ultra violet window signage could be useful to highlight new fragrances, perfumes and even certain health care products.

Kissmetrics data showed that women prefer purple far more than men so tailor ultra violet advertisements to a more female audience. Nearly 25 percent of men actively dislike the color. However, the same study found that men prefer brighter, more vibrant colors than women so ultra violet may carry cross-gender appeal.

Ultra violet will be in focus throughout 2018 and many brands will be wishing to take advantage of the current trend. Focus on product research to ensure that you use ultra violet to highlight the correct emotional highlights in your brand. It should not be applied without thinking of how it will affect the consumer.