Every buyer has expectations. Chief among them is the desire for a product or service to be of the highest quality. They want the experience itself to be pleasant and enjoyable. They also want to pay an affordable price. Think of it as the quality, price and time triangle, which as anyone in retail will tell you, is extraordinarily difficult to hit on all points. Generally a company can achieve only two.

At NGS Printing, we strive to not just meet our customers’ exact expectations in these three areas, but to exceed them. We do this, in part, by targeting the middle of this triangle, which enables us to serve our customers the best at what we know how do. Everything else falls into place.

As we’ve noted in previous posts, the average manufacturing employee stays with their current job for merely five years, according to figures compiled by Rasmussen College. This often results in the need for replacements whose expertise may be limited. Not so at NGS Printing. Our employees have been with the company for an average of over 13 years. They also have 20 years of experience within the printing industry, which is four times that of the national average. The experience of our staff helps reduce errors because they aren’t rookies and they have tricks, shortcuts, and processes for handling certain materials, machines, and artwork images. The creative solutions to common problems we’ve developed over the past 60 years enables us to produce the jobs quickly, efficiently and with quality control in mind, which is why most of our customers are repeat customers. They know that when they come to us, we deliver on their high-quality expectations. We back this up with our annual G7 Colorspace qualification that proves we have industry leading staff, procedures and equipment.

Part of what helps us deliver quality – and save on costs – is through our top caliber, state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Inca Onset X printer and our two Zund D3 digital cutters. Our investments in new equipment ensures we’re always providing our clients the highest quality products, at industry leading production speeds. Using two independent cutting beams simultaneously, the Zund D3 dramatically enhances production rates – up to 90% more than the standard single beam cutting machine found throughout the industry. This is accomplished without sacrificing quality. Because the machine has nearly double the throughput of a normal machine, it’s less labor intensive, which results in savings for our customers. The same goes for the Inca Onset X, which can accommodate up to three 63×42 inch sheets at once and prints as fast as 5,700 ft2/hr.

“The future requires speed, and the D3 is just one more tool in our belt to exceed our clients’ ever-growing expectations,” Erik Landrowski, NGS Printing Chief Operating Officer, noted at the time.

At NGS, our mission is to provide good communication, keep our promises, and offer value to our clients. In-store marketing is difficult and demanding, which is why finding vendors that follow good processes and meet deadlines is rare. We know it can take years to gain a client’s trust and only a single mishandled job to lose it. This is why we have a single point-of-contact between us and the customer and miscommunication mistakes are minimized with less project handoffs between departments. Additionally, promises are kept with redundant equipment, personnel, software automation, and buffers in our schedule so we can meet our deadlines and not disappoint our clients. We value being true to our word.

Finally, we provide value to our clients by remaining focused on what we do best. While other printing companies are diversifying by designing fixture displays, mapping stores, and competing against their own customers, NGS stays focused on getting better at printing. We use our pre-press automation, screen printing equipment, and our state-of-the-art digital printers to achieve production efficiencies, cost savings and unmatched color. We can provide value through expertise and capabilities that other printers can’t.

Blending quality, price and service is a delicate balance, but we believe we’ve mastered it by prioritizing our people, our processes and our state-of-the-art equipment, which is placed in the highly capable hands of our long-tenured employees. Our singular mission is to get everything right the first time, which enhances efficiency. This avoids cost overruns, and those savings trickle down to our budget-minded customers.

For authentic customer satisfaction you have to see to believe, turn to NGS Printing. We won’t settle for anything less than the very best. Please contact us today.